Saturday, November 26, 2011

Donaldson New Minority Leader, Rob Parete Whip

Donaldson to be New Ulster County Minority Leader

Dave Donaldson was elected by the Minority caucus to serve as their leader. Rob Parete was elected Minority whip. Congratulations to Dave Donaldson, I would of preferred someone like Rich Parete but Dave is a former Chairman and will do a good job I wish him the best.

It will be interesting to see who County Executive Mike Hein has a better relationship with; incoming Minority Leader Dave Donladson or likely legislative Chairwoman Terry Bernardo...Ironically, I think smart money says Bernardo.


Anonymous said...

Rumor of Ronk must have made Donaldson go for it. He will be laughing at junior for the next two years what do you call this eating his lunch.

Anonymous said...

What does Mrs. Provenzano think about this?

Anonymous said...

Being the former chairman of the legislature doesn't make him the best candidate for minority leader. He was one of the worst leaders in the history of chairs. His "proven leadership" yard signs were not very convincing either. He's a disaster. Sorry Jeanette didn't try again for the post. It will be interesting.