Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Mayor Elect

Shayne Robert Gallo


Anonymous said...

Woulda loved to see the race I Turco-Levin was the GOP candidate,

She'd a given Shayne a run for his money,,

New ideas, new energy, a woman's point of view,,
coulda been a contender,,

,,, & leave Tony Sinagra alone,, he has more campaign & political experience & knowledge in the bunion on his big toe, then most of ya have in yr whole life !!

At least he tries,,

Anonymous said...

Great News!!!!! smitty

Anonymous said...

Turco Levin would have lost by just as large a margin. Shayne's voters were his own, they were not voting against Polacco.

Besides, Levin presented no new ideas, no new energy, and the idea that there is a "women's" point of view in politics is a sexist and outdated notion.

Get real and move out of the 1950's.

Gallo is our best and only chance to get out of the mess we are in and move this city towards prosperity.

Anonymous said...

now i understand his decision process. He thinks with his bunion.

Anonymous said...

6:44. If Gallo truly is an outsider I expect to see some house cleaning at city hall. or he will be just maintaining the status quo. economic dev.dept. head, community dev. dept. head......

6:44 Turco-levin would have had quite a few democrats on her side including NOP's and that would have affected Gallo. I disagree strongly with your statement.

Anonymous said...

Shocking as it may seem, most of the employees at city hall are protected by contracts, civil service status, or appointment terms that continue well past the time Shayne takes office.

The current mayor has stacked many of the commissions and boards with the old guard and if they don't resign, Shayne will be stuck with them for the length of their terms.

Quite a system we have.

Anonymous said...

JB You really suck, youo are so ddamn dishonest and partisan it's a wonder anyone reads you!

Anonymous said...

If there is a way to get rid of them, Shayne will find a way. Take that to the bank. The Insider