Friday, July 28, 2006

Kingston Public Access back on the air!

Kingston Public Access returns to the air waves after a 3 week hiatus, The station is pleased to be back said Blaber, who is vice-chairman of the Kingston Public Access commission. I think over all we made a pretty smooth transition we had a lot to do moving all the equipment to the new studio, re-hooking everything up and securing insurance which Blaber admits took a little more time then expected but pointed out that it took longer because we shopped around to get the best rate so we can save money, and have more to invest back into the station.

The new studio is located at 5 Sterling St. In the City of Kingston, I really think it is a step up from where we were there is a lot more space and has a lot more potential to be something great. I would like to give a special thanks to Alderman Bob Senor who spent over 10 hours helping the station move and setting things up so we could get back on in a timely fashion.

Any producers who have any questions about the new studio or need a key to the building are asked to e-mail kpa at for more information.

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