Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Troubled water within the GOP

Alderman Bob Senor and Alderman Al Teetsel have come under fire by Kingston Republican chairwoman Jean Jacobs for not siding with Minority Leader Rich Cahill on key issues, Jacobs specificity lashed out at Alderman Senor saying he was not a team player and fell short of calling him a poor leader " a good leader listens, Senor is going Solo" Senor is an alderman with an independent voice and has done a good job thus far. Senor and Teetsel have listened to both sides and offered solutions that is there job it is Mr. Cahill who seems to be going solo, said Blaber but I will let them fight amongst themselves.

In response, Senor said he is doing the job that his constituency wants him to do and is getting more accomplished by cooperating with the mayor's office. There was a time when the veteran alderman, almost on a daily basis, criticized Sottile as mayor and when he was Common Council president.

Senor pointed out the Common Council unanimously appointed him as acting mayor while Sottile was out of town this past weekend, something that would never have happened a few years ago.

"I would have been lucky then if they made me dog warden," Senor said.

Jacobs also criticized Senor and Teetsel for their expected attendance this Thursday on the mayor's fundraising boat cruise, the largest donation event the mayor holds all year.

"I am disturbed by that," Jacobs said.

Senor said neither man paid for cruise tickets and said his employer purchased them and he decided to go for a friendly outing.

"I have a personal life," Senor said.

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