Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shandaken Town Supervisor Robert Cross strikes town resident

Republican Town of Shandaken Supervisor Robert Cross Jr. struck a town resident Tuesday night, minutes before there scheduled meeting the resident came in barely able to walk saying " Supervisor Cross just punched me in the face." What example is this Town Leader sending? If you do not like what your constituents have to say, you have the right to knock them out? The abuse of power is unbelievable.

Cross a republican, who has been town supervisor for 2{ years, has recently faced accusations of incompetence over his handling of negotiations with New York City over details of the proposed Phoenicia sewer system. Some residents even called for his impeachment two months ago.
The supervisor has been criticized for a number of actions during his term, but none had risen to the level of Monday's altercation.

Vinci, who is small compared to Cross, said after the meeting that the fight broke out when he informed Cross of his intention to "go public" that evening and expose Cross' behavior and actions regarding a lawsuit that Vinci and other landowners had filed against Cross and the town's assessors.

Vinci later addressed the Town Board, calling Cross a liar and other names, and outlining elements of the lawsuit.

"This is why he hit me outside," Vinci said. "Because of what I'm about to say now."
Vinci then launched a scathing attack on Cross and the assessors, claiming he was a victim of extortion and strong-arm tactics during a dispute over the assessed value of 500 acres he owns in town.

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