Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Few Quick Predictions For the Road

While I have been focusing heavily on county stuff the past year in a half, my heart has always remained in Kingston politics where I got my start. Here are a few predictions for the common council in 09

Ward 1 - For the first time in living memory, this ward will go Democratic. Alderman Teetsel has lost his way with the party and failed to be a voice for Ward 1. If Linda Provanzano runs it's over before it starts but either way this ward goes blue.

Ward 2- The GOP finally wise up and run a candidate other then Phil but it's not enough, Hoffay is strong and will coast to a second term

Ward 3- Landi in a landslide

Ward 4- Shirley Whitlock is untouchable

Ward 5- If DiBella runs she wins but we see this ward as up for grabs

Ward 6- Ron Pollocco has nothing to worry about, he will coast to a second term and then run for Mayor

Ward 7 Majority Leader Reynolds is the Teflon Alderman

Ward 8- Alderman Senor loses his bid for reelection :(

Ward 9- Alderman Madsen pulls out an easy victory

Common Council goes 6-3 Dems

I also see Jim Sottile recovering from the missteps of 2008, the guy has a lot of heart and has taken some unfair criticism from members of his own party. Those fences need to be mended, once that is done Hiz Honor will have no trouble in 2011.


Anonymous said...

You think Polacco runs for Mayor and not Cahill?

Anonymous said...

Would Berardi have a Quigley like chance in Ward 7?

Anonymous said...


Who has treated you with respect and asked for nothing? - visit him tomorrow - he works long hours helping others.

He needs your energy.

God bless