Tuesday, December 30, 2008


For personal and professional reasons I am shutting down this blog. It has been an absolute honor and privilege to have done the first political blog in Ulster County, which lasted for more than three years!

I enjoyed doing this blog and had a lot of fun with it. I hope that many of my loyal readers enjoyed it as well, even if you did not always agree with my views! I would like to thank Bill Reynolds, Hugh Reynolds, Rich Parete, Roger Rosenbaum, Josh Sommers, Elliott Auerbach, Jon and MariAnn Sennett, as well as everyone else that inspired this blog and encouraged it's existence as a place for current political news.

Maybe someday in the not so near future it will make a comeback in some fashion. Below are some of the campaigns that I covered and participated in that really made the blog worth it.

Thanks for reading!!!

-Jeremy Blaber


Eliott's victory is something I am very proud of. The guy put his heart and soul in that race and it was by no means a sure thing. Elliott had to fight for his life for the Dem nomination and than go up against the good ol' boys in the general election. At the end of the day Elliott was outspent like 7:1. Elliott ran a true grass roots campaign and never once went negative or jeopardized his integrity. His victory proves that the voters are not as stupid as we think... (credit my Uncle Alderman Crespino for famously coining that quote) and that all the money his opponent threw into the race could not buy Elliott's experience, qualifications or integrity.

The night Elliott won the Dem convention!!!!
The best campaign slogan ever!
Anything for a vote!
Elliott and Judy with dignitaries from Ireland


This is another race that I am very proud of..while Jon was not successful this time he will be in 2011. The guy put in everything he had and without bringing up bad memories we all know why he is not DA. I went into that race thinking I knew all there was to know about Ulster County politics and finished realizing how little I did know. It was the best learning experience and by far the greatest campaign I ever participated in.
Harry Tuman said if you want a friend in politics get a dog, it's so true but Jon is def an exception to that saying, I met Jon at his first fundraiser in New Paltz and learned so much from him, not just about politics but about life. Jon became my best friend and role model, I love him and his family and I am so grateful for everything he has done for me and taught me.

After Jon won the convention

Sennett with Eliot Spitzer during better times for the former Gov
How can I forget putting in those stakes in the frozen ground with Madsen all over the county
Jon at the fair

Holley takes a rare moment to campaign last year

2011 is only a few years away my friend!


Jim Sottile's campaign in 2007 was really a cake walk..I am glad he won.

Sottile takes the oath with our new full time Dem Judge Gilpatric!!!!


Paul Van Blarcum's campaign was really what set the ground work for Dems to get elected county wide in Ulster. Paul ran a flawless campaign from start to finish and beat his opponent 2:1 despite being outspent by the same margin. Sheriff Van Blarcum has went on to become a great Sheriff and makes this county proud every day!

Our great Sheriff!
Van Blarcum with than Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, again during better times


Jeanette said...

Hi Jeremy, I'm going to miss your blog. We will have to meet for coffee so we can go over all the political news!!!!!!!!!

Good health and much success in 2009 and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you didnt post all my comments, Jeremy,

Woulda made for a better blog.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I often disagreed with you, but I can honestly say you were always interesting. Many, many times you scooped the local working press with the first reports of news. I will miss your blog and I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy,

We may have been on opposite sides of a fence but you never let that stand in the way. Always friendly, kind and most importantly positive. Stay that way, it's the secret to a long political career. Enjoyed your Blog, sometimes it made my blood pressure rise but it always made me think. When in Accord, stop by and say hello. Thanks, have a good 2009.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Shrek, by Dr. Seuss

Hizzoner, your honor, our honor
Fat ass Mayor Shrek, the conner
A large fat ego to match
On him can be no scratch

He's irascible, body not graspable
Gets all too unclaspable
In his slippery slime grime
Of cheap indignant time

For seventy-five grand
You'd think he might land
To step up to the plate
But he ain't worth a tate

DPW boss he doth protect
Ee'n priests he'd invect
"Twas the fault of the girl",
He'd shout and unfurl!!

"Get DNA and the perpetrator-
Catch ya later, alligator"
(If only on crap
DNA did tap)

"Call my dept. head boss
An 'idiot' or some dross
And you're history with me-
throw your can through the tree"

All the same to me
As you can see
twidlee dee twidlee dee
Besides "Se La Vie".

"But Mayor Shrek, I declare
Please don't be such a bear
When avoiding your duties
Don't forget about cooties!"

Cooties defined
could be votes unaligned
That you lose at the end
Cuz you refused to bend

So I urge you to see
What you do to that tree:
By peeing on it
You don't care a bit!!