Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Donaldson For County Clerk

After talking with a few people in Ulster County today, I have learned that the chairman of the legislature Dave Donaldson is interested in running for Ulster County Clerk.

Dave Donaldson, a long term legislator and former Alderman has been involved in public service for many years. Under the old form of government, as chairman of the legislature was essentially the C.E.O of Ulster County and it's 325 million dollar budget, which more than qualifies him to be the next clerk of Ulster County.

Dave Donaldson, is a progressive Democrat, someone that we can always count on and a true Blue Democrat that represents the values of our party. Dave also is someone that is independent and shows his INDEPENDENCE, by doing what is right for the people of Ulster County regardless of ones party affiliation or what last name you have. Chairman Donaldson's philosophy has always been people first, party second.

We as Democrats need to get behind a candidate that can bring back the office of the county clerk to the Dems for the first time in living memory and Dave Donaldson is the man that fits the bill.

We need Chairman Donaldson to step up to the plate and make the run for Ulster County Clerk and I stand behind him in his efforts 110% and ask my fellow Democrats to the same.


Anonymous said...

Nina's gonna lose, and I know why.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on flushing out a Democratic candidate. The Party owes you a debt of gratitude.

Will we see a full team of Working Family Party volunteers going door to door on behalf of Mr. Donaldson?

Anonymous said...

Let's go Dave

Anonymous said...

Once I hear this right from Donaldson's mouth I will believe it, until then, this is merely hearsay.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt anyone realize that every local politician and thier ideas and programs are failing in Ulster county?
The largest investments that anyone has come up with in the last 15 years is the Social Service dept and the jail?
This county need new blood because as it stands right now, we are rapidly falling into despair....
Dave is a nice guy, but he cant fix any of the issues that are destroying this county.

Anonymous said...

You're a blathering idiot--"people first". That is why Donaldson announced layoffs immediately upon entering office as part of his stupid posturing. That was part of his people first agenda. Yeah, right. I was born in Shanghai also and grew up tilling the land.
People who worked for the county for years and did good jobs saw their jobs evaporate because of this spineless career pol creep.
I could beat Nina and if I ran I have multiple issues for that dept. to discuss. I would at least give her a run for the money however I will not even attempt to do so. This area's politics is so far in the toilet I'm going to sit back and watch all the good Catholics support the status quo by voting her back. This party can kiss my petooty and particularly Mayor Shrek and Legislator Provenzano for their consistent insolence toward me, and insolence period. The rest of the creeps that populate this party such as Zweben the slippery attorney all merit something I really cannot say because children might be reading this.
If anyone wants to do anything really important it is time to find an alternative to Mayor Shrek of the great debacled city of Kingston. Put energy into that and work on THAT and THEN you can claim you've GOT something;otherwise, pmmmmmffffmmmmmmmmmpt.

Anonymous said...

12:25 Nor can Nina,she has worked for the Clerk's office for years with Al Spanda. All of the political machines need to be done with. At least with Donaldson he is willing to fight the corruption. I must say I am a Dem that voted for Bernardo for some change, didn't know him, seemed like a nice enough guys a business person. I am just finished with the old guard, including Lew. So if Donaldson runs at least part of the Spanda team goes away.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey, I know your writings. If you have a problem call me. You know my number. Your Mom's friend

Anonymous said...

AL SPADA for Clerk...

It's time to eliminate Change and go back to the way things were.

Think about it... This Country's gone to hell since Al retired.

We need him back.


-Bob Dole