Friday, March 13, 2009


Blaber News and Commentary is back and we will be covering a variety of issues from NYC politics, my adventures as a community organizer with the Working Families Party and of course Ulster County Politics.

We will start tonight with some local stuff:


I have thought long and hard about Ms.Postupack's candidacy and simply can't get behind it and I do not know how any fair minded Democrat could. Nina is a Conservative Republican that was trained by Al Spada and the principals and ethics or lack there of that he practiced during his tenure. I do not think for one second that Nina is anything but an honest person who I actually like but philosophically I simply can't support.

Very simply, we need a clerk that is unencumbered by politcal favors and the Ulster political machine, someone that will bring fresh ideas to the office and someone that shares our progressive values. The pressure that certain potential candidates are getting for even thinking about running for this post is very disturbing. Anyone that doubts this is happening just ask yourselves why the Democratic party, which is the majority party in this county, have not had a single candidate announce?? I can tell you it is not because we do not have qualified candidates.

The people of Ulster County deserve a choice not a coronation of Ms. Postupack. Nina was given a free ride four years ago and has served a full term, it's now time for her record to be brought before voters and judged in a competitive race and many Republicans feel the same way...kudos to them.

I also remind potential candidates that no longer does the Kingston insiders club run the county. Everyone is so Kingston centered to the point that they think certain candidates are untouchable. That simply is not the case, any candidate is beatable and Nina is extremely vulnerable having never run a contested race in her life.

There is a strong candidate who's name keeps popping up and while I am not sure if he is interested in running, I hope that he runs,he has strong name recognition and would make the race a horse race that brings home the office of the county clerk to the Dems.


We think Kossover has the inside track to the Democratic nomination and that is a good thing. Kossover is a seasoned trial attorney that will bring his many years of experience to the bench with him. Other candidates that have thrown their name out are Wendy Ricks, Gilda Riccardi and a few others but we think Kossover will clinch the nod in a walk.

On the GOP side Kavanagh Jr., Petro and a few other names have been thrown around and we think this race will be one the Dems will win but it will be very competitive.


The Dems will retain the legislature and we will go into more detail at a later date. At least three Dems and two Republicans are going to retire and a lot of new faces will be joining the UC Legislature in 2010

Town Of Ulster Supervisor Race:

Nick Woerner has announced for reelection and is in no trouble of losing his seat unless the candidate is Jim Quigley. If Quigley runs for Supervisor than it will be the most watched Supervisor race in the county. Neither candidate can be taken lightly and each will spend over 100k on their race. It will likely get nasty and personal and in the end all I can say is I am glad I am two hours away.

Kingston Common Council:

Ward 1 - Al Teetsil if he runs will probably win and I really do not think it's appropriate to go to far into this race at this point.

Ward 2 - Tom Hoffay works hard for the ward and is practically a full time Alderman, he should and will win in a walk. His support for Nina is disturbing though.

Ward 3- Charlie Landi has a lock on the ward and I do not see any serious challenges

Ward 4 Shirley Whitlock is another candidate that is really great. Her work to bring serious issues effecting Midtown to the forefront are important. Shirley may have an opponent but will have no issue with reelection.

Ward 5 - Anne Marie DiBella could be in a tough fight but not if the candidate is Jean Jacobs, nothing against Jean but the people have spoken twice.

Ward 6 Pon Polocco will defiantly face a challenge in his bid for reelection. We like Ron but see this race as one of the most competitive.

Ward 7 Bill Reynolds will defiantly have an opponent but whats the point? The veteran lawmaker is top notch and will coast to an 8th term, tying my Uncle Tony as the longest serving Alderman in Kingston's history..ironically also an Alderman from the great Seventh ward.

Ward 8- Come January 1st 2010 the eighth ward will have a new Alderman. We support Rob Kinnin for this post but recognize any candidate can take out Robby Sottile.

Ward 9 Mike Madsen faces a primary challenge from political newcomer Mark Halwick and will easily fend off that challenge and go on to win reelection in the heavily Democratic 9th ward.

Enough for now much more later.................................


1. Jonathan Sennett --DA run or maybe our new public defender if all goes well for Andy?

2. Len Bernardo
-- In his new role as Independence Party Chair makes him a force for Dems and Repubs

3. Elliott Auerbach
- Will be making big reform in Ulster County and use the office of the Comptroller to hold everyone accountable as he has since Jan 1st

4. Jim Quigley
- if he wins the Supervisor's race than his political capital moves up significantly.

5. Mike Hein -
has great potential as Exec to make great changes in Ulster County.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

The best things that the democrats can do if they want to keep a foothold in the Town of Ulster is to dump Woerner and anyone else whose name is attatched to a yes vote of our 20% tax increase.

If they run the sitting supervisor and council members then they are giving away the town. Especially since any tax payer in the town is smart enough to know that we are probably going to get slammed again this year.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jeremy. I look forward to your blog postings. Good Luck in Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware that Sottile endorsed Postupack? Still support the jerk?

Anonymous said...

I hear the DEMS do not even have a candidate in Ward 6, yet you are claiming a great race. Who do the DEMS have? Not the same guy as last time??!!

Jeremy Blaber said...

Sottile has the right to do what he wants, his endorsement is not a surprise, he does not want a Dem in that seat because he wanted it himself four years ago and was too afraid to run. If a Dem ran and won, it would drive him nuts. In the end Sottile only cares about Sottile.

Sottile sold himself out and his party when he endorsed Vince Bradley over Jon Sennett. In reality, what we need in UC are more people like Jon Sennett, people that are involved for the right reasons, people that feel integrity and the ability to earn something on your own merit is more important than who you are related to, or how a decision you make will effect you politically. We need more people like Jon and Elliott that do the right thing because it's the right thing. In short, NO, I do not support Sottile.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, good to see and hear you again. Please keep up the oft times insightful commentary and the right on Political news...smitty

Anonymous said...

Once again, you write negatively about Nina. You have no facts supporting she is anything but honest and hardworking. Yes she worked for Spada...big deal. The guy your boy Sennett campaigned with non-stop in 2007, Ronnie Wade, arrested for selling HEROIN. Sennett showed up with Wade at numerous appearances during the campaign. Does that mean Sennett is drug dealer? You speak of pressure put on people not to run...once again no facts. What kind of pressure. Presumably you are saying from Spada...well what kind of pressure can a 74 year old man out of politcs for four years exert. This is an easy excuse for the failure of the party to field a candidate. Who could stop someone from running? Bottom line is she is well liked, doing a good jon and no one wants to run. There is no pressure. There is only incompetence from is his job to find a candidate...he is failing miserably. And you are the same old story.

Anonymous said...

Quigley is an a**hole. Woerner will win in a landslide.

Bob Gillon Ward 6 Dem. Chair said...


I am so glad you came to your senses. I must agree with you on 2
points. First, on the Clerks Race you make a good point. Then, in Ward 6 The Democratic Party will
run a excellent person. Someone
that understands the ISSUES, Of our
Ward and City. Someone that works and is truly local. For me it will
be so nice to see competence back. For the people of Ward 6 has seen though this smoke and mirror act

Anonymous said...

10:09- You seem to think taxpayers shouldn't have a say in electing a clerk. For that very reason, it is unethical and immoral to vote for the unopposed encumbent. The more I hear from Postupak supporters, the less I care for her. I hope she gets what you deserve. It's clear to me she should just step down. Why is she fundraising without an opponent? Isn't that just bribery?

Anonymous said...

8:57 If the unopposed, incumbent is doing a good job why is it unethical to voter for him/her.

Instead of talking with supporters why don't you take some initiative and meet the candidate herself?

Otherwise you are just a moron repeating rhetoric without any knowledge of the what is involved in the race.

Anonymous said...

9:35-I've spoken to her and I think she isn't doing a good job. I think you must be a moron to not understand why a candidate is being sleazy by collecting contributions for a non-existent race. Obviously you haven't the intelligence to grasp the concept of fairness. She doesn't have the intellect either. It's a common problem among conservatives. You offend and insult everyone without a clue to your own mental deficiency. Check out "Indoctrinate U", a documentary by one of your kind. You'll probably agree with it, but the rest of us are quite happy to see that steps are being taken to identify the people with mental problems. People like Nina Postupak are obsolete.

Anonymous said...

9:35 Len we know is you.

Anonymous said...

to 1245

Maybe you have no insight

Anonymous said...

With the way the economy is can someone tell me why hinchey got $750,000 to have a party. i have voted for him for a number of elections now but next time i will have to change my vote. it just seems neither party is in toon with how bad the times are for people. money just keeps getting used on crazy things. Also why is the ulster county drug task force waisting its time and money going after Albany call girls on craigslist. let albany handle its own problems. will they ever stop waisting our tax money

Anonymous said...

Town of ulster needs a leader that will fight to keep the tax money it creates. the rest of the county robs ulster every year. with all the stores that ulster has the town should have the lowest property tax rate in the county. places like new paltz and woodstock dont let stores be built. they are the ones that should have the highest taxes. just say no to a 20% increase.

Anonymous said...

No candidate for DEMS in Ward 6, so they will run Gillon again.

Anonymous said...


Your 1:53am post is right on. I totally agree that we should move ahead strongly to support a Democrat for the county clerk position. Having a candidate can only energize supporters for our local legislatorss.

We need to unify around a county judge candidate. Once the Law Committee makes its recommendation to the governor we should all put our energies behind that candidate.

Cross endorsements take the voter right out of the picture. No more insider trading.

Anonymous said...

As CBLC #2 seez it
Kingston Common Council:

Ward 1 - Al Teetsel has been a terrible alderman and hopefully someone like Shelly Z steps up to serve!

Ward 2 - Tom Hoffay versus a former coke dealer. The coke dealer has a chance, given past elections. You get what you deserve if you don't go for Tom!!!

Ward 3- Charlie Landi is old, bitter, crabby, but probabally the most intelligent person on the council. Long live the King!!!!

Ward 4- If my dad, Clint Brown decides to stay retired, then big ups for Rev. Shirley the banker.

Ward 5 - Enough Republicans might slither out of the sewer to elect one of their own. We'll see. Nobody likes a DWI cover-up.

Ward 6 Pon Polocco deserves whatever he earns. The party should recruit him to change parties. He could be mayor someday as a Democrat, instead of a fringe political nobody from a party that gave you George Bush and Jim Tedisco.

Ward 7 Bill Reynolds is still young, and could keep winning until the
the early 2050's. Hey Al Spada, you must try harda...Comeptition is NADA!!!! (Jay-Z)

Ward 8- Mel Carnahan did it in Missouri a few years ago.... I say we run Rose Hogan...she has a ghost of a chance, i think!

Ward 9 Mike Madsen should run for Mayor, but if he doesn't, then he's as safe as Reynolds, but a whole lot cuter!!! BALD IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Clint Brown's Love Child