Thursday, March 19, 2009


I am in Albany this week for work and I was invited to the NYS Assembly, by Assemblyman Molinaro and Assemblyman Kevin Cahill. I got to go on the floor and meet members of the assembly. At the very start of session, Assemblyman Cahill had the assembly recognized me and spoke about my involvement in the local political scene and mentioned this blog. Probably one of the best political speeches of Kevin's career :) In my humble opinion of course! In all seriousness, it was honor to even be there, Assemblyman Cahill's comments and support are appreciated and the feeling is mutual.

I also got an opportunity to meet and chat with Fred Dicker, the political columnist for the NY Post, a great guy and someone that I have always admired, although, I certainly disagree with his politics.

Below are a few pictures and the Assembly session will be aired on ch. 159 check for more details....

Me and the great political columnist Fred Dicker of the NY Post..Dicker pulls no punches below is an example of his work at a press conference with Spitzer :
The future three men in a room: Majority Leader Molinaro, Governor Blaber and Speaker Cahill
me and President Pro Temp Greene
This is in Fred Dicker's office, it refers to Eliot Spitzer not to be confused with our Comptroller, Eliott Auerbach
Assembly Minority's Budget Countdown
A picture of the Assembly in session


Anonymous said...

Go for it Jeremy--it is very cool that you were mentioned on the Assembly floor and that you posted the pictures of you and various folks. Don’t lose that fire and you will make it in the world of politics as far as you want to go. On March 10th I visited the capitol with some library groups to advocate for continued funding and it’s quite impressive. We couldn’t meet with Kevin because he had to be on the floor for a vote on a regent. For those who have TWC, Channel 159 will rebroadcast the session later so we will be able to watch it and hear your name mentioned. This is so far removed from thinking about the dip who would always call you a ‘hack’ commie-socialist-liberal-Democrat which prompted me to call whatever show he said it on KAPA to refute his vile neo-conartless crap. Congratulations! How many people have the resume you have at your age? PW

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding us PW but then again no thanks. I had almost forgotten those obnoxious sweeping statements the leftover McCarthyism man use to spread on the KAPA Channel.
WOW Hope he can handle the after-effects of unchecked capitalism. The "invisible hand" that turned into the "invisible pickpocket" and finally the Market Mugger.!!!
It is great to hear that Jeremy is doing well and I'm sincere in wishing the best to our Communist commentator...smitty

Anonymous said...

I hope this convinces you that your work on this blog is worthwhile.

Jeanette said...

Thanks for the pic's Governor

Anonymous said...

Waiiiit a minute there, smitty boy. The best truth about that phony piece of work “the leftover McCathyism man” was after he got the City and County host's wife upset with his broad brush bull remarks but Shelley still put up with him. He berated and tried to belittle me for having asthma and not going to Viet Nam after I lied about the asthma to pass the physical and was told by the recruiter when he found out that I lied, that you can be in a world of trouble by offering a false statement which could lead to a dishonorable discharge, etc. Some months later I got stabbed in Kingston; spent 8 days in the hospital and the attacker was given a suspended sentence after having stabbed me and a cop’s brother. I told Shelley on the air that I would trade places or injuries with his war wound that made him 100% disabled without even knowing what his story was. Well, I almost fell off the chair when Shelley asked him if he ever got the Poiple Haart(Purple Heart)as the caller pronounced it, for his war wound and he said that his Viet Nam injury happened when a rock fell on his hand and he got two broken fingers, so he most likely is mentally incapacitated. I suffered for years and still do from my incident but I just had to type that out to give myself a chuckle from that knucklehead. The only good thing about KAPA being off the air is not hearing his tripe and the shows that encourage his wrath of confabulation. On KCR Thursday one host said that it might take months before local public access is back on the air.