Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gallo and Clement Drop Ojections, Remaining Ballots to be Opened Monday

Shayne Gallo and Hayes Clement have dropped their objections and the remaining 26 ballots will be open on Monday. Gallo holds a six vote lead going in.

It will be good when this is finally over, Shayne Gallo and Hayes Clement both ran outstanding campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday you had a comment from someone who said Clemens needed 16 votes to tie. I said that 16 votes would be a victory for Hayes since the city democratic chairman would then pick the winner and you know who he would pick. You however erased the first answer and ignored my comment. I thought you liked to claim that you do not ignore any body T guess that is the old Blabber baloney.

Anonymous said...

It will be over on Monday and you are laying the foot work to get yourself on the of Shane or Hayes team. You spent a whole lot of time yelling at Hayes and putting him down and now it's time to kiss a little ass and protect yourself.Remember the attack you put on Hayes but I expect Shane to be the nominee and You to get away with it.You should be ashamed of yourself.I know You won't print this

Jeremy Blaber said...

No I am not, I am recognizing hard work that is all. If Hayes wins I will not be a part of his campaign, I am a Gallo supporter. A campaign is what it is, Hayes' campaign was very nasty in their whisper campaign but you don't take it personal. Once the campaign is over there is no point or benefit in holding grudges.