Thursday, September 08, 2011

Zimet Wins GOP caucus over Republican Cordavano and Democrat Hokenson

If  Howard Stern is the King of all media, than Peter Savago is the King of all Politics. Peter Savago once again showed that he still carries weight in this county. Savago's candidate Susan Zimet beat out New Paltz Republican committeeman Peter Cordavano and Toni Hokenson to capture the Republican line for New Paltz Town Supervisor.

This is a huge win for Susan Zimet who already has the Democratic line. Susan Zimet pretty much can start picking out the curtains. Congratulations to Susan Zimet who in the last three weeks out of nowhere has made a huge political comeback.


Anonymous said...

What happened to Dener he switch to the independence Party

Guess Who ? said...

Savago, Dave Lent & the other misguided ONE-ISSUE republicans who voted for that liar insecure witch, susan zimet have no clout, they just have their nasty minions too cowered to stand up to his/their bullying.

New Paltz Government was set back to the Dark Ages last night by this abortion.

Zimet even had the skanky nerve to try & take credit for being behind the Carmine Liberta Bridge naming,

Dener did all that by himself.
He raised the over $ 2000 needed, he designed the Bronze Plaque, HE got all the needed approvals from the Town Board, County Legislature & the County DPW Committee.
Zimet was one vote of 33 to approve,, NOTHING MORE, except she stuck he mug in every photo Senator Bonacic took @ the Bridge Dedication.
She is using NP as her career stepping stone for Hein, Hinchey or Cahill's seat & NP is poorer today because of slimy savago & his cronies,

Anonymous said...

10:43 - I couldn't agree more. Sadly, NP has no choice on election day as Zimet is on both lines. Democracy lost last night. It is unbelievable that Republicans couldn't even get their one of their own nominated. The majority doesn't rule in NP. Zimet didn't even get 50% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Blaber, you obviously do not know Pete Savago very well. I am not a NP resident, and have had limited contact with him, but if only 10% of the rumors about him are true, he isnt the King of all politics, he is what is wrong with all politics. And apparently, he is once again feathering his own nest, at the expense of his political party. Doesnt sound like a very honorable or ethical moment.
I will escuse your youthful exuberance in thinking this man is anything more than a slimeball.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in New Paltz and this is the best news I have heard in months. She is now out of the Legislature hopefully never to return. How could it get any better.

Anonymous said...

Savago is promoting her so she will be in a position to attempt to take out Hinchey, Cahill, Auerbach or Hein.

There is nothing noble about this guy, he is only promoting a Republican agenda and the ever conniving Zimet is there to accommodate him. She is no good, never has been and never will be.
New Paltz is fucked.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt anyone else remember how Savago BETRAYED his GOP years ago by back Mary Work AGAINST THE GOP CANDIDATE TONY CARPINELLO ??

Savago didnt get his unqualified political hack lawyer nominated by the GOP Judicial Convention sh=o he showed his true colors & back a Dem, then too !!

HE SUCKS !!! TRAITOR SAVAGO is more like it then " Chairman"

Anonymous said...

Take out Hinchey, Auerbach, Cahill or Hein with what money? The Republicans are broke or close to it and can't afford to finance a big campaign like this. Get real.

Anonymous said...

The many voices of Guy Kemp are truly amazing! Accept it Guy, you lost BIG once again in your bets.