Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blaber News Person of the Week Brian Woltman

For 2012 I resolve to update this blog on a regular basis and I also plan to bring back some of the great regular spots I used to have like pin heads and patriots (which I took from O'Reilly) but it was fun to do on a local level. I also would like to bring back the Blaber News Person of the week.. I used to write something nice about someone ever week and post it on the blog. Usually this person is someone that is a local official, volunteer or someone that is newsworthy or was newsworthy for that specific week.

 I first met Brian back in 2006 when I was doing my tv show, I had to pay a parking ticket at city hall. Brian introduced himself and said he had saw the show, after that I would run into him from time to time and we became friends.

I did a story about Brian's help back when city court had to be moved for renovations, Brian had done a lot of work on the mechanics of the move, far and above his duties as the city purchaser for the City of Kingston. That's not unusual for Brian, Brain takes his work at City Hall very seriously and many times will go above and beyond what is expected of him in his role in city government. However Brian has the same  seriousness and dedication about most things.

This past year Brian helped a lot in Shayne Gallo's race for Mayor. Woltman was one of the original five people that were on Gallo's committee from day one and was a loyal supporter in good times and bad. Woltman was a loyal solider, he nominated Gallo with his infamous: Gallo gets it speech and put himself out there as a city employee to some extent and it's very honorable, to pick a life long friendship over the possibility of losing your job, if you back the wrong horse.

There is some talk Brian may run for a seat on the legislature when his current legislator retires, and some would say he is the heir apparent to that seat. He has my vote and is this weeks person of the week.


Jeanette Provenzano said...

Welcome back Jeremy, great choice for your person of the week. I have known Brian for some time and he is a loyal friend. I wish him all the best in the coming year.

Anonymous said...

they outta farm that city job to UC purchasing and save some cash.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see you blogging again, Jeremy and I love your choice for person of the week. Brian is a great guy. Always has a smile on his face, and happy to help in whatever way he can. I think he'd be a great addition to the legislature.

Anonymous said...

Brian Woltman would be well-suited for the Legislature. He's sincere, dedicated and would give 110% for the people of the City. Hope he steps up.

me again,,, said...

Happy 2012, JB