Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Congrats Majority Leader Hoffay

Alderman Hoffay will become Majority Leader Hoffay on January 1st. I was hoping for Robert Senor for no other reason than that Bob was a loyal Gallo supporter but I wish Hoffay the best. Tom will be a good Majority Leader, he is very bright and very savvy.

Hoffay who is retiered said he would make sure the office of Majority Leader has regular hours for new Dem Alderman (there is 4 of them) and that is a really good thing. I think everyone has full confidence in Hoffay's ability moving forward.


Anonymous said...

Teflon Tom training the new aldermen is a bit like Madoff on Morality or Madonna on Modesty tour!?

Anonymous said...

The new aldermen are a well educated group.There will be no training only an introduction.It is my opinion that the days of the great stop-sign,cat and billboard debates are over.Let us begin to address the issues not the nonsense.The above proposals should never come out of committee.One must be considerate of those they lead lest they become a leader in title only.

Anonymous said...

I guess you get what you deserve. This was a bad choice as this guy is a bad guy. Self interest dominates all his decisions and actions.