Saturday, January 07, 2012

2012 Predictions

Mayor Gallo Leads Kingston to become one of Money Magazine's 10 best places to live

The Kingston Common Council works with their new Mayor, reform of City government is easier than expected  when the new Alderman team up in a bipartisan manner and control the Majority.

Assembly and Senate Districts redistricting will yield new Ulster County players in state politics

Skartodos returns to Assembly

Kevin Cahill runs and is reelected in the new 101st

The legislature and Executive will be at odds on a scale we have not yet witnessed since the adoption of  the Charter form of government.

Congressman Hinchey retires-- a lot of local pols line up to replace..none anywhere near as good as Hinchey.

Dan Ahouse X Factor in that race, a bright guy with the connections and brains.

An elder party attorney will be elected Chair of the Ulster County Democratic Committee in a three way race.

Barack Obama is reelected President of the United States of America

Blaber becomes Chairman of City of Kingston Democratic Committee (I really hope this one is accurate!)


you know whoooo, said...

It will take Gallo many many terms to make yr 1st prediction come true,
Ahouse will never get the nod from the Dem hierarchy, too many really ambitious nasty people scurrying like rats for Ol' Mo's seat,, they will eat their own & a new GOP'r will emerge to win the newly deisgned District,
Skartados wont win a door prize, JB, He is really too dumb & it was shown during his vote count sessions, He has lost his street cred with rank & file that I know,,
Yes, Kevin will be re-elected IF he runs again He has "higher" ambitions as we all know,

Good reading tho,
I truly wish you the best with that last prediction, my friend.

Anonymous said...

jeremy I see you still have Len editing your blog

Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy,
You seem to have forgotten the Cowboys locking down sole possession of last place in the NFC east...smitty

Anonymous said...

The winning mega-million numbers, please........

Anonymous said...

If the Obama one comes true, the country is over.

Anonymous said...

I would rather see Ahouse than Hein anyday. Ahouse knows the ropes, the people, the process and has years of experience. He is also a very nice, honest and trustworthy person.
Hein is an opportunist who has not shown a single shred of core Democratic values in his current position. He could not be trusted to carry the Democratic mantle in Washington. The DCC will never support Hein over Ahouse, and they shouldn't. He is simply put, a poser.

Cahill would be great too, but he has a sweet gig with his Assembly seat and Chairmanship. He is virtually unbeatable here as we have come to find out after the last election and Cowboy Rooney's millions going after him.

Let's see what the new Congressional and Assembly districts look like before we make the final call however.

JB, I hope you make it to Chairman, you deserve it with all of the work you have done.

Anonymous said...

check out new town of Ulster blog

Anonymous said...

I tried to check out the new blog, JB is it your's, you can't access without an invite, how do I get an invite?

Jeremy Blaber said...

Not my blog, yeah I couldn't get on either..I don't know maybe it's one of those short lived ones.