Sunday, January 22, 2012

End of an Era

Congressman Hinchey's announcement that he would not run for another term is no surprise, he told me he was retiring early in January so I knew it was coming but still when his office made it official, I could not help but get knots in my stomach, it's sad. Congressman Hinchey is someone that never was afraid to stand up and do the right thing regardless of how unpopular it was in the court of public opinion. Congressman Hinchey is a hero to many and a man that served his constituents proudly, he will be missed in Congress. I wish him the very best in the future and hope he is able to enjoy his golden years with his family and friends...he deserves it.

On a side note: Allison Lee Hinchey's treatment by the local media has been disgusting and despicable. How dare they treat her the way they have because of issues they have with our distinguished Congressman. Mrs. Hinchey is a woman of class and does not deserve to be treated in the manner in which she has. I'm not saying to hide things or push them under the rug but putting it on the front page of the paper  with a picture that is not flattering is very disrespectful. I wish Mrs. Hinchey the very best and hope people and the press will respect her privacy.

What now with the 22nd?

Well there are several different things that may happen. I think most people are waiting for the state legislature to go through the redistricting process to see what is going to happen. Two congressional districts will be lost and with Hinchey retiring it would be easy to chop up the distirct. Ulster County could end up being lumped into Congressman Gibson's district or Congresswoman Hayworth's district.

For arguments sake lets assume that the 22nd stays intact, if that is the case who are the top contenders for the seat?

Kevin Cahill: Assemblyman Cahill is arguable the most qualified and best candidate that Democrats can put up. Kevin is smart, charismatic and has the experience as a legislator in both Ulster county were he served as Minority Leader and as state legislator where he has been in positions of leadership. Cahill a former chair of the state Assembly's ethics committee currently heads the Assembly's very influential energy committee. Congressman Cahill is a good fit.

Mike Hein: County Executive Hein is a great guy and someone that is very likable, even when I disagree with him (which is very rare) you can't help but like him. Mike Hein is committed to making Ulster County the best place ever to live work and raise a family and has been a breath of fresh air leading our county government.  Hein is sharp, a great speaker and damn impressive. Hein would also be an excellent choice for Congress.

Dan Ahouse: As a long time Chief of staff to Congressman Hinchey, Ahouse has the connections needed to run a congressional campaign. Dan Ahouse knows that district and the players like no other candidate could. Ahouse has helped a lot of people and has a lot of friends. Whether or not he is interested is another story but Ahouse is a serious contender if he wanted to make the plunge.

Juilan Schreibman: We hear the Democratic county Chairman is indeed interested in a run for congress. 

Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan also has been rumored as a possible candidate for Congress. Ryan a popular Democrat will do really well in a Democratic primary. I do not know enough about Mayor Ryan to give an accurate assessment but he's in the mix.

George Phillips: The two time loser did really well last time he ran. Phillips who took money from Karl Rove hit the district with his campaign full of lies and deception. The smear campaign almost was successful, he certainly is going to try and make a run at it.

There will be both Democratic and Republican primaries for this should be interesting and it's gonna swing into high gear pretty quickly.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeramy, That is what the newspaper is for, the new's. She should have known better not to drink and drive and text.

Anonymous said...

George took NO money from Karl Rove. Rove's PAC spent their money on the race, but no $$ went from Rove's group to George.

That would be illegal.

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