Saturday, January 07, 2012

Congratulations to Chairman Bernardo; Terry first Woman to hold Top Post

  "The Charter set up a balance of power between this body, the executive and the comptroller, the vast overhaul proposed by some to make this legislature less effective is not welcomed from this chair today.”
                                         -Chairman Terry Bernardo,  Ulster County Legislature

Congratulations to Terry Bernardo who became the first woman to become Chairman of the Ulster County Legislature. Terry has been an unfair target by some of her political adversaries and she played it just right, she killed them with kindness and they underestimated her.

Terry Bernardo who holds a Master's degree from Drexel University will be a great Chair, in her first term as a legislator she fought hard for the residents of Warwarsing that have been suffering with flooding due to an unresponsive agency in NYC. If not for Terry Bernardo this issue would never of come to light. Bernardo is a go getter and will get results.

Personally, Terry and her husband Len are two of the nicest and caring people I have ever met and I love them both a great deal. I am not sure you can be proud of someone older than you are but I am very proud of Terry, this was well deserved.


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