Tuesday, August 18, 2009

David Blaine to Make Magic for Aborn!!!!

Magician David Blaine will be delving into the dangerous world of New York politics for the first time next week when he hosts a fundraiser for Manhattan DA hopeful Richard Aborn.

*Sep 21 - 00:05*

Tickets to the event range from $125 (just to get in the door) to $5,000 (for hosts).

Here's the e-mail from Aborn campaign manager Mike Rabinowitz announcing the event; the subject line is "making crime disappear":

"Dear xxxxxx,

We are delighted to announce that next Wednesday, August 26th, David Blaine will work his magic for Richard at a special event to support our campaign.

A remarkable and unique entertainer, the famed endurance artist has spent hours encased in ice, upside down, and underground...but this is his first foray into politics. (Richard can identify).

We would be thrilled if you would join us and support this special event, which will be held at at RDV, 409 W. 13th Street, from 7 - 9 p.m. It promises to be a really enjoyable evening and a great way for us to raise critical funds for these final weeks.

Space is limited. For more information, please contact Michael O’Regan at (212) xxx-xxxx or moregan@xxxxxx - or you can RSVP online.

Thanks again for all you are doing.

I hope to see you next Wednesday!

Mike Rabinowitz
Campaign Manager
Aborn for DA


Anonymous said...

WOW Jeremy!

By the number of comments here it looks like you have a HUGE following in the NYC area... I'd relocate if I were you!

Shaima said...

Sorry you don't know but our Blaber controls 40 votes in Manhattan lol.

I love you Blaber!!!

Labor for Blaber

Blacks for Blaber

Jews for Jeremy

vote for Blaber because he is your neighbor

geriatrics for Jeremy

Anonymous said...

They laughed at Stalin and Hitler too when they were Jeremy's age.

Hey, you never know!

Abacus von Deusen

Anonymous said...

I guess those 40 votes in Manhattan do not read his blog then

Anonymous said...

How about these slogans?

W-F-P for Jer-a-mee!

Do yourself a Favor - Elect Blaber!

The Green Par-tee likes Jer-a-mee!

Elect Blaba, he'll save ya!

L-G-B's for Jer-a-mee!

G-O-P for Jer-a-meee!

NY Li-brar-y for Jer-a-mee!

Bi-sexuals for Blaber

Anonymous said...

I like:

Aborn and Acorn, what a pair!