Sunday, August 02, 2009

Here and There


In response to Rich Cahill's dog whistling campaign, against Alderman Hoffay;

I’ve often been asked why I chose to leave the priesthood and it is a difficult thing to explain. First let me state that it was my choice and mine alone. Even five years later I was asked to reconsider and return. As happy and rewarding as school had been, even the seminary had its good moments, I was not prepared to live the life of a priest. I know that now, at the time all I knew was that I was increasingly unhappy. There are personal rewards for being involved in the lives of so many people, whether in a parish or school, but at the core there must be a strong center of personal belief and happiness or at least serenity. Mine was challenged in ways I was not prepared for.

My parents both died in December of 1979, after five years of suffering and pain. It was the great test of family and faith. I was away and alone and unforgiving for their suffering. At the same time there was a strike of the lay faculty association at the school and my sympathies were with the lay teachers and not the Archdiocese. With divided loyalties and personal tragedy, the situation was untenable and I decided to leave. I do not regret that decision.

A greater challenge was the personal acceptance of who I was, a decision I easily put off for years in the seminary and clergy. Slowly and with difficulty I came to accept that I was gay, would not marry and raise a family as my siblings had done. My family’s reaction to all this tumult in my life was the same, steady, love and acceptance I have always found there.

My active participation in a recovery program has helped me to accept who I am, find the serenity that I have always looked for in my life and take life one day at a time. This is the strong foundation that also allows me to contribute my talents and gifts in public and political life.


I did find that clergy life had unexpectedly prepared me for politics, perhaps it was a keener appreciation of human nature or an increased sense of institutional dynamics. Shortly after returning to Kingston in 1982, I joined the City Democratic Committee, becoming the Chair, then the Ulster County Democratic Committee Chair in 1990. I found I really liked the political life and had some success working on campaigns I believed in, including Bill Clinton’s Presidential campaign, Maurice Hinchey’s Congressional campaign, Kevin Cahill’s Assembly campaign, Judge Karen Peter’s Supreme Court campaign and Judge Mary Work’s campaign for Family Court.

I served as County Chair for nine years and worked on numerous campaigns and issues. My love for Kingston found a perfect expression in Mayor TR Gallo’s campaigns and I served on various boards as part of his administration, including the Kingston Housing Authority and the Kingston Local Development Corporation. I also met an impressive young attorney from New York, Eliot Spitzer, worked on his campaign and then spent eight years working in the Attorney General’s Office.

My relationship with the Kingston Common Council started during my time as City Chair. I was fascinated by the interplay of personality, issue and institution and regularly attended the Council caucuses and meetings. Later on I discovered that one of my grandmother’s uncles had served on the Council and I was hooked. The Council position is unusual as there is an informal administrative relationship between the Alderman and the Ward as well as a more formal legislative role, more hands on than the County Legislature, for example. I can honestly say this is the only elected position I have ever really wanted, in-spite of my long association with the elective process.

After years away, my life has come full circle, returning to the Kingston I always loved and doing a job I prepared for through life experience more than education. Hopefully there are a few more chapters to come in this bio and I can make the case that the people of Ward Two are well served by my representation on the Common Council.

Enough is Enough-

The attacks on Alderman Cahill's blog against Second Ward Alderman Tom Hoffay are unacceptable and disgusting and enough is enough.

Tom Hoffay is a man of integrity and great moral character, he lead my party with distinction for 10 years and is a leader in this community, working under Attorney General and Governor Eliot Spitzer, a former Chair of the Kingston Housing Authority he is someone that I admire.

For Rich Cahill to allow, and I'll say it because we all know its true, to write those comments on his blog talking about Tom in the manner that he did is just disgraceful.

I publicly am calling upon Rich Cahill to delete those comments and apoligize.

Furthermore, the comments about Jenifer Fuentes not being from the area are laughable at best, maybe people forget Jen Ringwood, who came from Long Island and served Ward 2 very well.

The fact of the matter is Mrs. Fuentes, chose Kingston to be her home and has lived in the Ward for many years and is raising her family here. And, anyone that knows Jen, knows she is civic minded and will be a great Alderman and stand up for the residents of Ward 5.

County Executive Mike Hein is holding a fundraiser, tickets range from $ 100- $1000 and a portion of the fundraiser will benifit Our Democratic candidates Debra Schneer and Gilda Riccardi. More details to follow....

Alderman Anne Marie DiBella is retiring at the end of the year and I think it would be nice if the City Of Kingston Democratic committee would host a dinner in her honor, recognizing the hard work and achievements she was able to accomplish under her tenure as Alderman in Ward 5.

Julian Schriebman, chair of the UC Democratic committee wrote a letter in this weeks Kingston Times that was very on point in regards to the race for UC Court Judge and I think it behooves everyone to take a look.

Our sources in Ulster say an independent poll conducted, show incumbent Supervisor Nick Woerner trailing challenger Jim Quigley's by 8 points. It's early so who knows if that number will hold.

Rochester town board member Manuela, did not resign her office despite swearing under oath that she is a resident of Queens County.

Another funny tid bit, Manuela has claimed she is the victim of an attack launched by Len and Terry Bernardo in an effort to keep her off the ballot.

Fact of the matter is, it was Manuela who (unsuccessfully) challenged and tried to throw Terry Bernardo off the ballot during the petition process. Terry, nor anyone else challenged or tried to knock Manuela off the ballot, there will be a primary in September and may the best person (Terry Bernardo) win. :~)

Rumor has it we may see a very young legislator as Minority leader in the County Legislature next year....we will see.


Anonymous said...

Un-f@*king-believable! I can not believe what I've just read!


Who are you to call the kettle black?

You have allowed citizens (non-political figures) and their families to be attacked & commented on by people posting comments on your blog and now you have the audacity to demand another blog master remove comments.

Honestly, I hope someone pushes the issue with the crap you've allowed.

Let me repeat myself: Un-f@*king-believable!

Maybe you, Jeremy, should practice what you preach!

Clark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

That's one reason KPA was shut down - Cahill's unprofessional behavior.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, you had such kind words for Schreibman, right?

Anonymous said...

What's with Hein having a fundraiser for HIMSELF and then saying HE'LL donate some of HIS money to the other campaigns. That is bullshit.
Help the candidates out. Go to THEIR fundraisers. Everything is not about you Mike, and if you keep trying to make it so, no one is going to want you in office anyway.

And $1,000 a ticket? Are you effing serious? Really? A $1,000 a ticket. Who thought that up? One of your overpaid kiss ass deputies?

Anonymous said...

at least Blaber Moderates his comments, and responds to people that if they are going to post, make it at least valid.

I went to Cahill's blog, and he should be ashamed as a political professional to have that smut posted all over his blog.

Half of what was written there was just "I dont like him, and x,y,z, gives me a stupid reason to feel that its ok that I just dont like him, whether its true or not"

Cahills blog DOES have inappropriate statements on it, and theres hardly an ounce of truth to a single assertation.

And Clark, aren't you one to talk?

Anonymous said...

Let's get real here. You will not see Jr. Cahill take down any comments about an alderman who is running in the 2nd Ward any time soon. As foul mouthed as he is, I can't understand why someone has not had him censored yet. And he continues to rant about being the candidate for mayor. Like who would vote for the little man anyway? Hope everyone wakes up real soon to see that this kind of behavior is unacceptable and is not going to win him votes. He is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the fundraiser for DiBella should include a raffle for each of the actual bricks from the house she drove into

Anonymous said...

This is funny, here is a Political Hack available to the highest bidder famous for his attacks on those running against the people he supports trying to go after Cahill for his attacks. Are You Kidding Me????

Get a life Blaber. How much are the Republicans Paying you to go after Nicky?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, you mean your old "pal" Cruella Dibella is shipping out? Boy, she sure has been rough on the eyes for all of us,aint she? Hey, I wish her all the luck and in the future as long as she doesnt drive down my street!

Anonymous said...

Cahill's blog id GOP propaganda.

Cahill himself personally smeared Alderman Hoffay.

I submitted a polite post in which I noted that Jen Fuentes is a Cornell graduate- Cahill didn't post it.

Anonymous said...

Tom, You don't have to answer to that asshole. Cahill is a moron and a loser forever.

Anonymous said...

MasterCard by Jeremy Blaber...

Losing the Ulster County Comptrollers Race... $ 300,000.00

Suing the Taxpayers of the Town of Ulster... $ 20,000.00

Having Blaber run Quigley's Campaign... Priceless

For everything else Quigley can buy, he sure as hell can't buy the Town of Ulster

Clark said...

Retracting my last Comment.

I may have let one slip by. (Please don't sue me, 11:33 AM.)

Anonymous said...

To the poster complaining about Cahill not posting something, you shoudl really use your head.

Do you really think Cahill is going to help the candidate running against his father? Are you stupid?

I know you will Jeremy because Fuentes already threatened your job once. Is that not true??

Jeremy Blaber said...

To the MasterCard advertising wizard, aka, Nick Woerner:

It's good to see that you are practicing your advertising skills, you might need them to get a job in case you lose the race for Supervisor this November.

However I am not working for, let alone running Mr. Quigley's campaign for Supervisor.

I'm simply reporting the news of the Town of Ulster Supervisor's race in the tradition of Blaber News - FAIR AND BALANCED.

Your Friend, Jeremy

To 11:02pm, aka, Rich Cahill:
Ms. Fuentes NEVER threatened my job. In fact, she has always been very supportive of me. I am confident that come this November, Ms. Fuentes will be the first elected Working Families Party member sitting on the Kingston City Council.

Jen said...

Cahill on Politics will not post my response - Thanks - Jen

To the individuals who questioned how I can represent Ward 5 coming from Wisconsin or Arkansas I would like to share a few things about myself. I was raised in Green Bay, WI and got infected with my first political bug working on the Russ Feingold Senate campaign when I was 18. WI is home to the tradition of Fighting Bob Lafollete and the Progressive Party and does have some lessons to offer NY, most notably a belief in the primacy of the voters. Open primaries and same day voter registration are only a few of the ways in which WI entrusts voters with power at the expense of political parties. WI also has deep fried cheese curds, frozen custard, and the Green Bay Packers; and I am a diehard fan of all of them. When I was a kid I would sell Packer lineups at Lambeau Field for extra pocket money.
I moved to NY 10 years ago after receiving a full fellowship for graduate school at Cornell. Coming from modest means, my higher education was completely self-funded so this was an amazing opportunity for which I am still very grateful. Upon graduation my family moved to the 5th Ward in Kingston, first as a renter, now as a homeowner. This move was by choice. My husband found a position in Rockland County and my office is in Newburgh, but after scouring the entire region, only Kingston offered what we were looking for in a community to set down roots and raise a family. Kingston is unusual in that you have this eclectic mix of families like ours and families that have lived here for many generations.
I have as much at stake as any other resident in the 5th Ward. My son Ezra needs and deserves a safe and viable community to grow up in and hopefully raise his own family someday. Like many others, I am concerned for the quality of life of our community and will work very hard to ensure everyone’s voice is heard as we make difficult decisions about the future of Kingston. I will be spending the next several months talking to voters about who I am and what I stand for. My vision and politics many be a bit more progressive than some residents in my district, but at least they will always know where I am coming from. I believe people would rather elect an authentic candidate that knows what they stand for than someone that blows with the political wind. As a member of the WFP, my values and political philosophy is clearly spelled out in our party platform ( and as I suggested earlier I take great inspiration from Bob Lafallette – a Republican. Please don’t hesitate to call me or email me to talk about specific issues in Ward 5 or the City of Kingston. 845.527.5554 or

Anonymous said...


First, I am not Rich Cahill. Second, Fuentes did threaten your job after you endorsed Quigley. That's why you took the post down. Don't lie. I know the truth.

Fed-Up Voter said...

Is all the 'BULLSHIT' in local politics worth the aggravation? Why would any sane person dive head-on into a cesspool of lies,broken promises and self-aggrandizement? Local politics...what a big joke coupled with the inklings of municipal corruption. Only the names change but the faces remain the same.

Anonymous said...

And the point of his mea culpa is what? This guy has been in recovery before and will be again. Yes he worked for King Eliot and then got fired by King Eliot. Why did he not explain that? The fact that he is in recovery is Great and I wish him all the luck with that. But I am not ready to trust this guy with making decisions that will affect my life on a daily basis. He needs to take a step back for a little while and show us all he is handling his issues and will be able to handle them on a go forward basis. To say he has proven that right now is not realistic. Also, he needs to put the stop lights back on Wall Street. What he never thought about was the effect these stop signs have on pedestrians. I have seen two incidents in the last week where a pedestrian almost got hit because the driver was looking out the oncoming traffic rather than the walkways. This is not an issue when there are red lights in place. Doing something just to do something is moronic. This guy has a history of it.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy is the true pioneer in Blogs - he remains head and shoulders above the rest.

Anonymous said...


You're just awesome!!

You have come so far over the past few years!!! Your 12:49 kicks ass, and your Hoffay blirb is great... I left two comments on Cahill's blog and he didn't post them... apparently he's all about spewing hate and lies all over his blog but is against truth and/or anything ELSE that makes him look like a loser.

Anonymous said...

A few months back I saw Jeremy and Nicky scratching lotto tickets at stewarts, now they are not buddies anymore?
What did I miss, Jeremt jumpin off another band wagon?

Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding that you believe this crap from Hoffay. Just like the stops signs can't wait until a fatal accident happens. Why do oyu have to stop on red at the Gov Clinton makes no sense as traffic just continues to back up, lets but a stop sign there.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, read the paper. We are facing the toughest economic times in almost 80 years. All Hoffay and DiBella want to talk about is a damn street light. Neither one of them deserve to serve the people.

Anonymous said...

10:45 AM--Jr. Cahill is one troubled soul and won't post comments that paint him as a loser. Best bet is to post your comments on another blog because Jr. Cahill reads them all. He is that paranoid.

Anonymous said...

I read Tom Hoffay's rebuttal and must say I am disappointed, but not surprised.

I have worked with Mr. Hoffay on a couple of occasions and find him to be very political, shallow, evasive, and cryptic with all his repsonses.

Instead of just answering the question or stating his position, he answers in riddles and 'dances around the question' with a lot of fluff, but no substance.

The same is the case with his response--a lot of "sweet nothings", but no answers.

I would much more respect him if he actually answered the questions placed before him or if he just said, "That is a private matter, and I will not discuss it."

Anonymous said...

You don't build yourself up by knocking other people down.

Anonymous said...

The last person taht came here from Wisconsin was some guy by the name of FARVE. And we all know how that turned out.

Anonymous said...

Little Dick should get out of the closet and get it over with.

Jacobs Live People for People said...

Good Evening
Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am so disturbed at what I have read tonight that I had to offer my comments to all political parties and citizens of my community. The comments posted on Mr. Richard Cahills blog is a disgrace regarding Alderman Mr. Thomas Hoffay. Mr. Hoffay I apologize to you from my heart for being put in this position of attack by someone that has never ever grown up to face the reality that this is not the way you win elections or popularity.
I have found that 99.9 per cent of the politicians in this world are good people. They are dedicated, caring, honest, compassionate and want to solve problems and improve the lives of their constituents and their communities.
How can Mr. Cahill consider himself a REPUBLICAN LEADER when he has the audacity to post such
comments about another individual? Mr. Hoffay I look forward to working with you, so together we can continue to Preserve the Future and the Heritage of our fine city
Jean Jacobs
Former Republican Chairman
City of Kingston

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Jacobs:

Your quote:

"99.9% of the politicians are in this world are good people. They are dedicated, caring, honest, compassionate and want to solve problems and improve the lives of their constituents and their communities."

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid! Any citizen of Kingston for more than a day would laugh at your statement.

UC Jail, lawsuits, sexual harrasment, and so on...

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Blaber is definitely fair and balance, if you agree with him and his followers.

I (attempted) to post a comment on his "Breaking News" article and he didn't post it. It was clean and informational but since it doesn't concur with what Jeremy would like to see happen he won't post it.

I've also noticed that an "anonymous" comment will be approved and appear at the same time as a previous comment I've made which responds to my post. Seems hard to believe that someone could have responded to my comment before it was approved for public view. Jeremy, if you're going to post on your own blog post as yourself instead of giving the false impression that you have more followers than you do. The least you can do is approve the original post before you make your "anonymous" post so it really appears to be someone other than you.

I guess I'll have to take my comments to Cahill's blog to get them posted.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Jacobs, you are a class act. Richie "Little" Cahill has a lot of growing up to do. He makes Kingston look even smaller than it is. Let one who is without sin cast the first stone. What is Cahill trying to hide?

Anonymous said...

Cahill has some issues - he verbally mocked and abused individuals on KPA - which I hope somebody recorded and can replay when he tries to run for office again.

Way out of town said...

I want to know what is wrong with Richard Cahill? He is like the Wizard of Oz, a little man hiding behind the curtain with his toes all curled up.

He continually attacks people's integrity. Now he is attacking Jean Jacobs. I have known Ms. Jacobs for almost ten years, and I can assure the public that her ONLY intention was to serve the public, not to deceive anyone!! If he wants to get personal....let's go. How about the fact that his wife threw a tantrum at the court house the other day when the security officer tried to look through her purse. She had a fit and refused to let them do so. The officer told her to "lose the attitude" or she'd be outside.

She had a camera that he confiscated. Who did SHE think she was? Kingston Royalty? Little Cahill just stood there, stammering. An unfortunate urchin like Richie Cahill should look in the mirror before he starts attacking other people's character.

Let me ask the public this...what has Richard Cahill Jr. done for this community of note? That's right. NOTHING. NOT ONE THING....except to sit on his blog and call people names.

He had better know one thing...what goes around, eventually does come around. Wait till the law firm he works for realizes that he is losing them business...then maybe he will wake up. Until then, he needs to know that people are watching and making sure he doesn't buy any guns. His personality is the type who will shoot up a place when he finally snaps. There, do YOU like it??

Anonymous said...

Well yes, I agree with both Jean Jacobs and 10:06 right after her post.
I'm wondering however if any of thsse blogmasters including this one has the temerity to put up any real discussion of what goes on in the priesthood of the Catholic church, which is the nexus of little Dick's silly argument to somehow make Mr. Hoffay appear to be a spineless coward on account of the fact he walked away from a solemn vow of the priesthood yadayadayada.
Give us all a break, Mr. Little Dickhead Cahill.
Celibacy within the Catholic Church is a genuine controversy just because many homosexuals have decided to express same in that role therewithin and have thus victimized altar boys as a result. And the coverups that occur by elected officials at all levels of government in this and other states all across the nation to(mainly succesfully because they are so widely practiced) hide these unsavory facts remain shameful but do illustrate well the old adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, or more to the point that power corrupts according to the power which it emanates from , if a Nun from elementary school may criticize that very factual sentence for ending with a preposition!!
The fact that Mr. Hoffay walked away from the priesthood as someone who is homosexual reflects well on someone who actually did that as opposed to those many priests who did not and instead victimized children instead. So that's the reality here and nothing little Dickhead Cahill says to continue to present himself as ultradecent and a good Catholic and all that can change that fact!! Get a life Mr. Cahill and if not--at least use your BRAIN to effect some truly decent reforms within the Catholic church instead of continue to play your silly games at local politics parsing any argument you know as a former D. A. would never stand the light of day in court before any Judge or Jury!! Alternatively Mr. Cahill I might suggest that if you cannot walk away from your addiction to the presentation of yourself as a supremely moral person then please get on the payroll of the Catholic church as a paid person of some sort, perhaps a priest in case you sir wish to become celibate in order to attain thereto, or a brother or someone, so that your energy in this regard can be better spent!!
And while I'm at it, you other folks from whatever party who are in power, close to power, or whatever, who think that your religious affiliation alone autmoatically gives you true moral authority that emanates from God have it wrong and need to examine your consciences on a regular basis as well.
"Thank you ladies and gentlemen." And thank you Jean Jacobs for telling the truth too despite your obvious motives for being angry at Cahill and company for their rottenness politically. Truth is truth no matter what the context!!

Anonymous said...

That Mr. Hoffay suddenly "discovered" he is a homsexual and therefore needed to "walk away" from his solemn commitment belies a serious mental illness which, I am glad to know from his own statement, he is beginning to come to terms with. The pre-pubescent association with the maternal figure that continues into adolescence, without the intervention of virilant male role models and coupled with assorted disfunctional variables often results in homosexual acting out. Don't buy that? Consult the DSM III that spells this illness out in great detail. Unlike the DSM IV that changes the designation of homosexuality as mental illness as a pure policy decision sans ANY medical data.

Anonymous said...

8:10 AM

The show has no quality.

Kingston Chronicles won't make it pass the advisory board.