Sunday, August 23, 2009

Independence Party Meet the Candidates BBQ

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IKG said...

Trust me, the music is gonna be world class if butch is involved & if Len is involved, the food too, will be world class.

See Ya there,

Independant kinda guy

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy, I see, on another blog, a video of the Sheriff endorsing Nina Postapak. To bad for Gilda Riccardi, she can't win. another loss for blaber.

Jeremy Blaber said...

No loss for me my friend, Sheriff, DA, or the County Executive can endorse Nina, Gilda will be the clerk on January 1st.

Endorsements mean nothing, people win elections through their work and qualifications, in the case of Gilda and Nina it's no comparison ...Gilda is the most qualified.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Nina, I was at her fundraiser on Sunday and was appalled at the behavior of her Deputy Campaign Manger Beth Hanigan. Len Bernardo was kind enough to stop by the fundraiser, and Beth was running around telling people that she "can't stand Len Bernardo". For someone who wanted to be endorsed by the Independence Party as bad as Nina did, you would think that her team would be a little more grateful - or at least discreet if they really do hate Len Bernardo.

Anonymous said...

Are you smoking glue?
Gilda will do down in a landslide...
You and a few other dems are the only people that dont like Nina.
Every business person in the area beleives she is qualified, only a jealous few dont.
No chance for Gilda

Anonymous said...

Deputy Campaign Manager Beth Hanigan?? last time I checked she wasn't so right off the bat you need to get your facts in line before assuming you know anything.

Jeremy: I agree with you that Endorsements mean nothing, people win elections through their work and qualifications, but are you so blind to what Nina has done? You really believe Gilda is qualified to run an office the size of the clerks office? Is it because" Gilda Riccardi is uniquely qualified to be Ulster County's Clerk. She is already a Clerk - A Clerk to Family Court Judge, Tony McGinty?????" And to think I at one point thought you were a person that had common sense.

Anonymous said...

10:03 - "every business person in the area" - another one who thinks the world revolves around Kingston. Outside of Kingston, nobody cares about Nina. They're sick of the same ol', same ol'. Nina is getting her butt kicked come November. And the best part is that VanBlarcum will pay dearly for his endorsement of her.

The Prophet said...

The Prophet of Politics sez

Gilda will win clerk by 6,000 votes

Deborah takes County Judge by 8,000 votes, no problem.

Van Blarcum will not be renominated by the Democrats next year.

Anonymous said...

Van Blarcum is only in trouble if Van Vleit runs ;)