Monday, August 17, 2009

Blaber News Endorses Richard Aborn for Manhattan District Attorney


As Manhattan DA, Richard will enact progressive crime-fighting policies that keep our city safe — while building hope in every community. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform the way we fight crime, by using proven prevention methods. Richard Aborn will seize that opportunity.

Violent Crime

Today, New York enjoys the lowest levels of crime seen in decades. This has been achieved through a variety of means. But, we cannot take it for granted that crime levels will remain at these historic lows. We must constantly rededicate ourselves to fighting violent crime by moving swiftly and vigorously to incarcerate those that commit violent acts against our community. The message to violent criminals must be crystal clear: when you commit a violent act you will be arrested, tried, and when convicted, sent to prison.
Modernizing the Office

The next District Attorney of Manhattan has a unique opportunity to modernize the office and accelerate the use of technology as a tool to not only prosecute offenders, but to prevent crime from occurring in the first place. Technology can also be used to increase efficiencies in the office and save taxpayers money. I will conduct a bottom-to-top review of the office, implement a new program - PreventStat - to track which programs work and implement a paperless office.
PreventStat: Building a Modern District Attorney's Office

Drug Law Reform

It's time to stop ruining young people's lives because of a single mistake. It's time to repeal the Rockefeller Drug Laws and replace them with a sensible policy grounded in public health and common sense. Drug kingpins deserve prison. First and second-time non-violent offenders deserve an opportunity to rebuild their lives. And the families of offenders unfairly caught up in the draconian Rockefeller laws deserve to be reunited.

Domestic Violence

All domestic violence cases that come before the DA's office should be vigorously investigated. The DAs office should also vigorously respond to violations of "restraining orders." In addition, victims of domestic violence and their children should be linked to existing treatment programs, as well as programs that provide housing and jobs, so they can break the cycle of violence. Active partnerships with domestic violence organizations and local community organizations can help encourage people who do not necessarily trust the criminal justice system to come forward to report these terrible crimes.

Juvinial Crime

No matter how limited budgets must be, we cannot abandon our kids. Juvenile justice is a complex area but one where there is much learning taking place and we must dedicate ourselves to developing programs and policies that will help us to steer kids away from crime, before it becomes too late. The DA is in a unique position to give kids a chance; to give them a chance by intervening when they are young in order to eliminate the need to incarcerate them when they are older. Working cooperatively with other agencies, the DA's office can have a positive impact on kids lives - before it is too late.
Before It's Too Late: A New Strategy for Preventing Juvenile Crime

LGBT Rights

Equality of treatment, based on mutual respect, is the bedrock foundation upon which any free society must be built. Until we are all equal, none of us are equal. The LGBT community needs a strong voice and direct representation in the DA's office. We must use New York's Hate Crime laws to fully protect members of the LGBT community who are signaled out for bias crimes, and make sure that vulnerable gay youths and others have a Safe Harbor where they can seek protection of the law. And just as racial profiling by law enforcement is wrong, so is profiling based on sexual orientation.

White Collar Crime

Manhattan sits at the epicenter of the world financial markets and as a result, crimes that undermine the integrity of the financial markets can have a disproportionate and significant impact on New York and New Yorkers. But white collar crime does not begin and end on Wall Street. Scams against the elderly, immigrant groups and others that prey on the most vulnerable will not be tolerated and will receive a swift response.


We must not let ourselves be lulled into a false sense of security that because New York has not been attacked since 9/11 that we are safe. Safety does not flow from the passage of time, but from the constant, creative, cooperative and consistent use of law enforcement strategies and resources. The DA's office must be an active and integral participant in the fight against terrorism. Working cooperatively with other agencies, the DA must leverage advanced technology to look for anomalies, connect the dots and move quickly when necessary to stop terrorists before they act. We need a dedicated Counter-Terrorism Bureau — staffed not only by assistant district attorneys, but also by experienced analysts, researchers and investigators. This Bureau must develop close and cooperative liaisons with other law enforcement agencies. In addition, to be truly effective, all assistant district attorneys and investigative staff must be trained in how to spot anomalies in cases that warrant further investigation. The early detection and disruption of preparatory steps by terrorists can be an important way to stop terrorist activity in its tracks.

Wrongful Convictions

Clearly, nobody is served by wrongful convictions. While prosecutors strive every day to convict the guilty and protect the innocent, errors still occur. My District Attorney's office will provide every prosecutor with more tools and training to minimize wrongful convictions, and Assistant DAs will be encouraged to come forward if they think they have the wrong person. Every case will start with the question – do I have the right person? All cases of prosecutorial misconduct (which, although rare, are incredibly serious) will be investigated quickly and fully.
A New Strategy for Preventing Wrongful Convictions

Community Partnerships

Creating an effective, trusted partnership between the DA's office and the community is a critical crime-fighting tool. We will have a two part strategy designed to create a close working partnership between the DA's office and the community: First, we must not only create close working relationships with the community, but we must also work with trusted community groups to create safe harbors to protect those who are afraid to seek the protection of the law. We can never allow anyone to be beyond the protection of the law: battered women, immigrants, members of the LGBT community, youth, the elderly and others, will all need the protection of the law at one time or another, but for many different reasons be reluctant to contact law enforcement. The DA's office can overcome that reluctance by working closely with trusted community-based organizations so that those who need protection have a place to go where they will feel -- and be -- safe and secure. Second, it is essential for the DA's office to recognize that different communities and different individuals have different crime prevention needs.

Transportation Safety

Almost everyone in New York knows that the homicide rate in New York, thanks to effective policing and prosecution, has declined to around 500 homicides a year from a peak of more than 2200 homicides in 1990. And yet few people know that, shockingly, the traffic fatality rate in New York is almost as high -almost 300 lost lives a year. As District Attorney, I commit to dedicating appropriate resources to ensure that traffic fatalities become as rare as bike lanes used to be.

Gun Control

We must build on the success that has been achieved by expanding on proven interventions against illegal guns. Over 90 percent of illegal guns in New York have been brought in from other areas. Unlike politics, gun crime is not local. We must accept the fact that a regional, interstate approach to gun trafficking is required and set about to build that network. We must also share data with other prosecutors throughout the five boroughs of NYC as well as the surrounding region in order to cast a wide net over gun trafficking - and stop the guns from ever reaching Manhattan. We must also have a strong and clear voice on national and state legislation that is designed to fight illegal gun trafficking.
Aborn Unveils Five-Point Plan to Combat Gun Violence in Manhattan

Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is contrary to our values as New Yorkers. It is immoral and it is wrong. I have always opposed capital punishment, and will lead the effort against any attempt to revive it in New York.


Technology is an essential and integral weapon in fighting crime and keeping the public safe. Technology can - and should - be used to extend the reach and effectiveness of police department, criminal justice departments and the DA's office. In a time of diminished resources, increased use of technology can build greater efficiencies in administrative operations while also greatly aiding the fight against crime. One of the enduring lessons of 9/11 is that we must "connect the dots," and not just for terrorism cases. Advanced technology is a core component of doing so.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you also endorse Vincent Bradley, Benedict Blaber?

Gus Hall

Anonymous said...

Nice. I was wondering when you'd put your site to work down there. The jewish mafia Morgenthau(Finklestein & Co.) worked for has to go.

Jeremy Blaber said...


I have nothing against Mr. Bradley but don't get it twisted, I supported Jon Sennett from Day 1 before Vince was even in the race.

You may have me confused with Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner, who actively supported Vince Bradley.


Anonymous said...

Is Aborn a Democrat or a Communist?

-Tony Montana

Anonymous said...

Tony, his platform looks a lot like the WFP platform (and jon sennett). Take a guess.

Anonymous said...

More social worker than District Attorney it seems.

Anonymous said...

..yes, but an agenda still right of Judge Schneer!!!

Sy Seidelbaum