Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pinheads and Patriots!

It's been a while but here is the return of Pinheads and Patriots! Pinheads and Patriots will again be a weekly feature on the blog :)

The very beautiful and talented Elin Woods recently left her husband golf superstar Tiger Woods after it was reported Mr. Woods had been cheating on her with multiple women, I think the count is now at six. It takes a strong woman to do that, especially someone married to such a high profile guy. It was reported Mr. Woods was offering Elin, 60 million dollars for her to stand by his side and she choose morals over money, Elin who is a success in her own right did the right thing and is a patriot.

On the pinhead front Rich Cahill, is at it again, critisizing the Mayor and the City Council on the recently past budget but offering no viable solutions to make things better. Sure we can talk about cutting taxes, doing away with the homestead/non-homestead tax rate all while increasing the work force but how do you do that Mr. Cahill? How can you be against layoffs but still expect a tax decrease? I am not advocating for layoffs or returning to a flat tax rate, simply pointing out the hypocracy of Richard Cahill. You can't have both Mr.Cahill.

Surly we have a mayor that leaves a lot to be desired but to his credit he has made real reform and his efforts to increase the city reserves to enable us to borrow at a lower rate, will help us in the big financial picture. Also cutting out wasteful spending like the 50k line items for the fourth of July celebration and having the businesses step up and pay for it also is commendable. Cahill's attacks on the Mayor and city council are ridiculous and he of course is a pinhead!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Talented"??? What the HELL are you talking about? She was a model. She stood there and looked pretty. Ok, maybe wore high heels while walking down a runway. Arguably a talent.

Anonymous said...

if richard cahill's criticism of the mayor without giving other solutions makes him a pinhead, you are a pinhead, too, jeremy.

you constantly criticize republicans without giving alternatives. going after richard for doing exactly what you do not only makes you a pinhead, it makes you a hypocrite.

and get yourself a dictionary and a grammar book. your spelling and grammar are ridiculously poor.

Anonymous said...

You steal your logo from Fox News and now you are stealing the pinheads/patriots from Bill O'Reilly.

You better hope Fox News doesn't find out about this. You could get sued BIG TIME.

Anonymous said...

Cahill is a loser and a tool as well as a pinhead.

Anonymous said...

Kingston is a shithole and maybe little dick should be mayor for one term so we can blame all the festering problems on him and then he'll be so demonized, we'll never hear from him again.

Give him his shot. I mean with an 8-1 or 7-2 Council majority, what real harm could Richie-Rich do?

4 years = no more years.

Anonymous said...

Cahill could be mayor if...

1) Sottile runs again, gets a primary opponent, and the loser stays on the ballot..kind of like the Madsen-Dart scenario.

2) Sottile wisely choses not to run again and the Dem candidate is someone like DiBella. (Fill-in any DWI candidate..there are several)

3) Cahill switches parties.
You could take a 5 gallon bucket of sewage (not to say Cahill is sewage), but you could take a 5 Gallon bucket of raw sewage, call it DEMOCRAT, and it will win a city-wide election in Kingston. We have sewage representing us in some of these wards.

There are a few brighter bulbs in town, like Bill Reynolds, for example, who would defeat Rich by a comfortable 10-20 point margin. I think that a more unpopular than before Sottile could re-defeat Cahill, but by a more interesting margin.

-Tinty Huecolour
Critic-at-large..A rather Cheeky Brit De Tocqueville

"I cannot help fearing that men may reach a point where they look on every new theory as a danger, every innovation as a toilsome trouble, every social advance as a first step toward revolution, and that they may absolutely refuse to move at all." De Tocqueville w/ regard to the Common Council and the Mayor

Anonymous said...

NEWS FLASH—A recent poll revealed that Jacobs Live..People For People was rated No. 1 for the best show on Public Access Channel 23. The show was rated for best quality and guests who brought informative and interesting topics to the table. The show has obviously moved forward in its format while the other shows continue to live in the past criticizing and bashing anyone and everyone, particularly elected officials. This show is worth watching and should be broadcast for an hour because it is always enlightening. Jacobs has surpassed the Monday evening line-up of “Kingston Chronicles” which boasts being the No. 1 show and is “like cornflakes without milk.” Kudos to Jacobs Live..People For People.

Anonymous said...

Cahill! Is number two and I do mean number two!

Anonymous said...

I always said he was #2 and calling hm a pinhead is a direct insult to pins everywhere. If he were #1 he'd only be a pisser. Jean's show might very well be the best one on--I listen and call in so what the heck.

Anonymous said...

You are correct - Cahill offered no cuts to the crony packed positions in the Comptroller's, Purchasing, Corporate Council, Engineering and lack of Planning, Assessor's, Economic Developement offices. We see and feel what the DPW does each day - what the heck do these people do? Manufactured jobs for the Nobles? Besides we have to pay outside consultants to do their jobs because they are unable and unmotivated to do them.

Give me Lenny Walker or Charlie Landi anyday - Cahill is pre-occupied with the "upper-class" neighborhood he has boasted about on his shows.

Anonymous said...

A little of the Dicks goes a long way. I am sick of their act and I think just about everyone else is too.

If I were the law firm that he works for, I would make him pull back or quit. He is a time bomb of controversy waiting to negatively effect the firm. I am moving my business from that firm on the off chance I may run into him there. I really dislike the guy that much.

BTW, Little Dick, buy your father a nose hair trimmer for Christmas, maybe he will stop picking his nose on the air.

Anonymous said...

and cahill jr. needs to stop wiping his nose and then doing his hear with the same hand. GROSS

Anonymous said...

Ive noticed Joon-your wiping his nose alot during the show, with O.D.D. constantly picking and scratching himself.

Perhaps they helped themselves to Rush "Oxy-Limbaugh's" medicine cabinet?


Anonymous said...

Rich Cahill posts that he knows why the county budget didn't pass. He should stay out of things he knows nothing about and when was the last time you saw him attend a Legislature meeting to even pretend he knows what he is talking about? We all have his number. He read it in the local paper and reported on it. Now he is the expert. Signed...The Warden

Anonymous said...

Does anyone realize that the Democrats have been in charge for the last 16 plus years and the City of Kingston has gone down hill ever since.You can blame anyone you want, but the TRUTH is the TRUTH.The only good thing is there is a bottom some where!!!!

Anonymous said...


The bottom is where Kingston is headed..

Flint, MI
Camden, NJ
East St. Louis, IL
Memphis, TN
9th Ward (New Orleans, LA)

Way to go Gallo-Sottile

Anonymous said...

OMG—Cahill Jr. continues to be delusional in stating his Kingston Chronicles is still the number one show on Channel 23 Public Access when, in fact, the ratings have put Jacobs Live—People For People way over the top for the number one slot for the second week in a row. Kudos to Jacobs. The news has devastated Cahill. The fact of the matter is if the two Cahills are not bashing certain leaders in the community and talking politics, the show offers nothing to the viewing audience.

The Chronicles hit an all-time low Monday evening when Cahill resorted to reading the paper which listed the tour of City homes decorated for the holidays (as if we can’t read the paper ourselves) and a ridiculous conjured story that Santa Claus reassured him that Kingston Chronicles was the number one show had to be seen to be believed. Are you kidding me? Now, come on. We all know Cahill authored the letter. But, then again, maybe he really still believes in Santa Claus. Maybe even the tooth fairy, too.

Anonymous said...

If TR didn't do so much koke and died then maybe k-town wouldn't be such a slummy scumbag city.

Move to Saugerties...that's what I did.


Anonymous said...

7:44am It is Sottile-Noble,Just because you dont hear from Noble doesnt mean he is not pulling the strings!!