Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blaber News Persons of the Year: Mike Hein and Jim Quigley

Mike P. Hein

Jim Quigley

This year we have two persons of the year, it really was a tough choice and I could not pick between the two. We had a lot of worthy contenders : Don Williams, a life long resident of Ulster County former DA who recently won a 10 year term to be the next county court Judge; James Gilpatric who saw his life dream come true as well in November finally winning a well deserved spot in the NYS Supreme Court; but there are two that stand out Mike Hein and Jim Quigley.

Mike Hein has shown that he can do the job of Executive and he's been tough when neccisary but very fair. Mike's first year has been full of accomplishments and some shortfalls....we will have a full fair and balanced on Hein's first year as Executive and we are incredible proud, as Mike would say, for Hein to be one of our person of the year.

Jim Quigley came out of no where last year and came an eye lash from being Ulster County Comptroller, stayed involved and in a two year period single handily broke the Democratic stronghold in Ulster County. It is no coincidence his boy Fred Wadnola is chair, Jim Quigley may not be the chair of the County Republican party but make not mistake about it, he's the boss. It's good to be Jim Quigley these days and we are honored to name him one of our persons of the year.

A full layout next week will profile both Mike Hein and Jim Quigley, Happy Holidays and God Bless!!!


Anonymous said...

Jeremy, I agree, right on tarket. Mike Hein is watching the bottom line and is changing the way UC Government works to make it more afforable for taxpayers. I believe Jim Quigley will do the same for the TOU. That will need to be determined. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Quigley came out of nowhere? Are you serious? He was the front man for the anti-charter campaign and it's chief financier. He was being paid back for that effort by being nominated for comptroller.

I would still give him the vote for knocking Woerner out who really needed to go.

one who knows things said...

aaayyy, Jeremy,,

One out of two ya got right,, 50%

no too shabby, Jim QUigley is truly a force to be reckoned with, but yr boi - Mikey-boi,, ummm,, uhuh,, too much fluff,, not enough s t u f f !!!!

2010 will show the Emperor is nekkid as a jay-bird, bro

Happy 2010 to one & all fair & balanced thinkers,,

Anonymous said...

Mike Hein has done nothing right. He's placed an iron curtain between the legislature and the county's workers. He's spent money like a drunken sailor. He's done nothing to make the county work better. He has no accomplishments that anyone can actually point to.

And he tops off the year by sending out county employees to Dietrich Werner's home at 7:30 in the morning to pick up equipment stored there by the River Watch group. While the employees are there, the guy has a heart attack and dies.

Even a 5 year old could figure out that the right way to do it is to call the guy and make an appointment or have him deliver the equipment to the county. You don't show up at someone's doorstep at the crack of dawn to scare the crap out of him.

This guy is the person of the year? You must be joshing us.

Hein is toast when his reelection comes up.

on who knows,,, said...

you would have more than 0 comments, Jeremy, if you just let the voice of the people be heard -
no one is gonna get hurt,, it is a blood sport - politics - & you should have learned that by now.

Let the chips ( posts ) fall where they may,

post it all !!!!

Happy 2010 to ALL out there


Anonymous said...

Please!!!!!!all the Hein haters post on MOJO, the poor loser who will not identify himself and uses anonymous, don't waste space on Blaber's blog.

Jeremy Blaber said...

one who knows things...

Here at Blaber News we are fair and balanced and always right on 100% of the times, except when we're not ;)

Happy New Year

-Jeremy Blaber

Anonymous said...

859 is kinda funny criticizing someone for posting anonymous when that's what he is doing too.

Answer the meat of the issue. What has Hein done right? Not a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

Why are politicians people of the year? Fuck all of them, they are little bastards.

Pee Everett Poop
Poastmaster General