Friday, December 11, 2009

We Forgot Holly

Please retake our county wide poll as we forgot to include in the mix Ulster County DA Holly Carnright, thus making the poll inaccurate.


Anonymous said...

your polls are always inaccurate because you try to stuff the ballot box.

you never get the right answer anyway.

fair and balanced my butt.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. We should forget about him next election.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Carnright, the weak on crime District Attorney, if you can even call him that.

This Carnright guy cares more about protecting the skells than protecting the average folks!

Anonymous said...

Carn--who? The guy does not even have basic tech skills. Press the on button to turn on the computer the ' D' IN D. Holly Carnright stands for DUH!

Don't get me wrong he certainly has staff that know how to use the computer, surfing the best porn available on the web today.

The guy has been in office for 2 1/2 years now and is doing a disservice to the county.

Numerous scandals in his office, as well as a complete failure to act on numerous criminal investigations in the county. Last time I checked RAPE is still considered a crime in Ulster County! So is public corruption, like Malcom Smith walking into Ulster County and soliciting bribes.

Was it not Jonathan Sennett who ran and proposed tackling both these issues, with the start a public integrity unit and a department that dealt specifically with sex crimes.

No, Holly was to concerned with exploiting the fact that the guy cares more about these important felonies than who's smoking a joint in their back yard.

BTW- Wise up people, Holly, "Mr. I will not plea bargain" has done more plea bargains in his two years than UNDER THE 10+ OF DA WILLIAMS combined!

Carnright is a phony and I am sorry I voted for him.

Anonymous said...

Holly has racked up the endorsements for 2011 and your boy is going down.

A partial list:


Citizens against woman's rights

Hon. Herman Monserate

Senator Klien aka "the enforcer"

Chris Brown

Hon. Joe Bruno

Anonymous said...

YO YO YO... Jolly Holley has not quite earned all the endorsements that our friend Judge Schneer earned last month, but if he keeps it up, we Bloodz may just end up endorsing him.

"L" from the 4 Block

Anonymous said...

Yeah I am sure Sennett would have ran to arrest Smith and charge him with soliciting bribes...only a boob would of done that. I guess every other law enforcement agency not doing anything about it would confirm that there was nothing to be done.