Sunday, December 06, 2009

Senator Diane Savino, A Bright Voice in NYS Government


Anonymous said...

So, you WOULDN'T have a problem with a devout Catholic senator, because of his beliefs, sponsor a bill banning abortions? Because this is the SAME THING. An openly gay senator, because of his beliefs, sponsored the gay marriage bill. You wouldn't scream and shout, at the Catholic senator, that his beliefs should not affect politics?

Alternatively, this dumbass senator is nervous because the senate rarely votes on bills it is unaware of its outcome? I'm glad she admitted this idiocity in Albany. Do you not play a football game if you know you are going to lose?

Let the gays have their civil unions. Their lives are theirs. But don't INFRINGE on my life either.

Anonymous said...

no one cares about this, JB,,

you are the only one who even knows who she is,

get local.

this is what WE care about -

Anonymous said...

If our parents were all gay married couples, we would not be here!
Man + Women = Children
Ask all these people how many of thier parents were a married gay couple, the answer would be interesting.
I say make it legal at least we would stop the breeding!

Anonymous said...

Again my POAST was not POASTED.


I think I'll start trolling on North Korean websites...there might be more freedom of speech there...

Kim-Jung Dung