Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dinallo and Aborn Appointed To Schneiderman Transition Team

Eric Dinallo will serve on the Schneiderman transition team, and is the only former candidate to be asked.
Pleased to see my friends Richard Aborn and Eric Dinallo were both appointed to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's transition team!!

AG-elect Eric Schneiderman announced his transition team today, tapping a diverse group of legal minds – including one of his Democratic primary opponents, Eric Dinallo – to help guide him as he prepares to take over from departing AG/Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo.

Schneiderman picked three honorary co-chairs, including former AG Bob Abrams, who was a key surrogate for Schneiderman during the campaign on the abortion-rights issue (along with NARAL’s Kelli Conlin, who’s also serving on one of the transition committees).

Joining Abrams are Zachary Carter, former US attorney for the Eastern District (1993-1999), who is now in private practice at Dorsey and Whitney; and Westchester County DA Janet DiFiore, a Republican-turned-Democrat who has been mentioned herself as a potential statewide contender some day.

The committee will be chaired by Harlan Levy, a partner at Boies Schiller & Flexner who co-chaired the Special Victims Committee for Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr.’s transition last year.

There are three transition team directors: Former US Attorney for the Northern District (1999-2001) Daniel French, Julissa Reynoso, deputy assistant secretary for Central America and the Caribbean, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs at the Department of State; and Avi Schick, former deputy AG under Eliot Spitzer.

Some other names on various committees that stick out on the list, which appears in full after the jump:

John Cahill, former secretary to ex-GOP Gov. George Pataki; AFL-CIO President Denis Hughes (also serving on Cuomo’s transition team this year); George Bundy Smith, former Court of Appeals judge (a Mario Cuomo appointee); ESPA Executive Director Ross Levi (also doing double-duty on the Schneiderman and Cuomo transitions); Sean Patrick Maloney (2006 AG contender, aide to Govs. Spitzer and Paterson); Marty Mack (former Spitzer/Paterson aide); Jerry Goldfeder (election attorney and former Cuomo aide); Richard Aborn (’09 Manhattan DA contender).


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

10:17 - as long as you're casting aspersions about the integrity of Schneiderman's cast of characters, why don't you enlighten us as to how they're crooks? Tell us about their backgrounds since you seem to know that they're not ethical and honest.

one who knows said...

10:17 i agree 100% !!!!

Thieves with thieves,,, looting our tax dollars.

These crooks make Shelly Silver & Kevin Cahill look "honest" by comparison.

Pathetic & disgusting.

Cuomo won't be any better,, hiring Gerry Benjamin ? Oh man, that egghead has never made one smart move for the common people,, he is an Ivory Tower intellectual of the worst kind.

Ya get what ya vote for, kiddies,


Anonymous said...

6:42 Hope the last post answered your question! Jeremy. Stop blowing their horns, you did the same thing for that Ass hole Spitzer and now all the face time on CNN can't buy back his career.
Does SCHMUCK sound like and aspersion, you figure it out!

Anonymous said...

Crack & Prescription drugs aren't going to give you any insight into the realities of NY Politics, It takes a sober mind to see how we are getting screwed over and over again! Then it's time to turn to drugs to ease the pain, (especially from the rectal intrusion these so callled representatives deliver)!

Anonymous said...

None of you have given any facts to back up your claims. Until then, you're all just a bunch of angry right-wing t-pers. 8:28 hasn't given any insight into how any of the people (Aborn, Schneiderman, Dinallo) have looted our tax dollars. I would love to know - you're all the worst kind of "political contributors": making shit up. You're all liars yourselves. Hiring Gerry Benjamin (and I'm not a fan of his - he fucked up the charter royally) doesn't mean they're thieves and liars.

Anonymous said...

Right wing/left wing Attack and defend, the truth is the entire political system is screwed up, these morons (and they are all morons) only know how to do one thing and that is to divide the electorate into something they can manage then apply the fear factor to the half they targeted and it's 'away we go' to quote Jackie Gleason.
They get the money they need to play the hand they want and then when it comes time to stand and deliver they are nowhere to be found.
When we finally break the 2 (corrupt) party system we may finally get a fair election and a resonable candidate. Until then, Jeremy, just keep being their pawn, they'll use you like toilet paper, wipe up their mess and end up with shit on your face.

Anonymous said...

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