Sunday, November 07, 2010

Taking A Small Break For A Week

Taking a small break from the blog, spent a lot of time on elections and trying to provide the best info and commentary to the great people that come on this blog. Spending some time with some friends and relaxing. The blog will resume as of next Monday. Thanks guys!


Mike Madsen said...

I think I found the Tea Party candidate for 2012. I posted her video on my Blog.
Enjoy your time off JB.

a friend indeed, said...

Take Care, JB,

Get some rest, clear your head & plan your next moves.

I think you should abandon the NP Mayor's race, tho.

Too many involved folks there linig up already, you are an outsider in an insider's Village.

They will kill you before you get off the launching pad.

The Village of NP eat their own.

Enjoy your week off.

Anonymous said...

Thank's for small favors, no bull from you for a week, i would listen to the prior comment re: NP Mayor, but for different reasons, consider a staff position for some low level beauracrat, one more lopsided loss in your portfolio could end you political aspirations for the rest of your career. (OH! that's a good thing), never mind, good luck in NP!