Sunday, November 21, 2010

RIP Harvey Sleight

RIP to Harvey Sleight who served with honor for many years as head of buildings and grounds for Ulster County.


Anonymous said...

What a shame in the paper today I had to read about the blemish to his record...not! The Freeman reported on his indictment in the jail fiasco. It was dismissed of course..Holly Carnright was trying to hang him out asa scape goat..shame on you D.A. Carnright!

Anonymous said...

He was indicted BEFORE Carnright became DA. Do your homework and getit right. Williams indicted him.

Anonymous said...

@ 607PM No, sir, you are wrong I was at the press conference and Holly was the District can you forget, the DA charged him knowing the statute had not only did Holly drag his name through the mud, he knew that it would never go to trial. The DA brought charges against a guy knowing they would likely be dismissed. Which is unethical to do and really unfair to Mr.Sleight becasue of the way it went down that question is always in the back of peoples mind.

That is what happens when the DA plays politics.

Anonymous said...

Skapegoat Sleight was Ulster Co's Jack Ruby.

Ward Todd