Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mayor Sottile Restores 50k for Carnegie Project

Mayor Jim Sottile restored the 50k in funding to go toward the restoration of the Carnegie library. Mayor Sottile did the right thing, for more than 30 years this building has sat dormant. Thanks to Mayor Sottile, and members of the board of education, the buildings restoration is finally becoming a reality.


Anonymous said...

Can you get us a photo of the proposed Pike Plan uptown?
I just noticed they cut down every tree on Wall Street and it looks terrible, I hope to see the plan to make an assessment

Anonymous said...

just for clarification, he did not "restore" anything.

He never officially committed to paying the money, he never officially reneged on his statements that he planned to give the district the money and now he seems to be backing off on his stated reservations about being able to give the money.

The Freeman blew the whole thing way out of proportion.

Surprise, surprise.

Anonymous said...

B.Sh....t to 6:06