Friday, March 25, 2011

Turco Levin Announces for Mayor

Andi Turco Levin is announcing that she will be a candidate for Mayor in Kingston, seeking the Republican nomination. Rich Cahill, Jean Jacobs and Ron Polacco have all announced their intentions as well. So it looks like there could be a 4 way primary this!

Rich Cahill announced on his blog that the search committee unanimously recommended him to be the candidate this November. The full committee will have to vote. Cahill also seems to be a lock for the Conservative line.

Will be fun to watch the GOP fight it out.


Anonymous said...

I do not think there will be a primary, unless one of the Republican candidates is really stupid.

If one candidate gets both the Rep and Con nominations/endorsements, running a primary would a fool's errand.

I do not think Polacco or Turco-Levin would recklessly give up their Alderman seats on the chance they could beat Cahill on BOTH the Republican and Conservative lines, especially since the Conservative primary would have to be a write-in.

I just do not think that Polacco or Turco-Levin are that stupid. I think they will fight for the nominations. If they lose, I do not foresee a primary unless one of them has such a huge ego that they are willing to cost Republicans the chance to win by splitting the vote. (the old if I cannot have it nobody will attitude)

Anonymous said...

At her announcement, if there was 20 people, it was stretching it. It was more like 15.

Anonymous said...

Who says the person the Reps and Cons "search committees" choose is the right person? Who are the people choosing and who are the affiliated with regularly? They are biased, and they are not necessarily reflective of the will of the Republicans in the City. I'll tell you this, MOST Republicans fear a Rick Cahill candidacy and would welcome a chance to vote for someone else. If it comes down to Cahill and someone anyone else, anyone else wins. I am not kidding here, Cahill is so out of touch with the real world, he would be a disaster in City Hall and the rank and file Republicans know it. The only ones that support Cahill are his TV groupies who know him from his show. Where are the business people, Professionals, or elected politicians? No one of any stature or quite frankly, common sense will stand with him.

A primary is necessary if Cahill gets the committee backing or the Republicans can kiss city hall goodbye .... again!

Anonymous said...

11:02 your point??? 15 people were standing behind her. This does not include residents in the crowd. enough already about body counts. time to move it along. Some people are getting OCD about this.
and to correct blabber, it was a RECOMMENDATION from the NOMINATING committee which was not unanimous. Big difference. Let the games begin

Anonymous said...

9:20 (Mike Gill),

Give it a rest. We know you hate Cahill. Turco-Levin is too green and is not ready for prime time.

Cahill is the best candidate the Republicans have unless John Guerin changes his mind.

Anonymous said...

if rich cahill is the best they got they are in big trouble again when will they ever get a real canidate that will be smart enough to be a contender cahill will suck up to the unions and then stab them in the back if he gets in i dont think people are that foolish to vote for such a two faced jelly fish like cahill

Anonymous said...


Grow up. The sub-committee did not pick your candidate. Boo hoo!!

Anonymous said...

How come Ralph Mitchell doesn't even pay his water bill?