Monday, March 28, 2011

U.C. Legislator Rich "No Holds Barred" Parete Comes Out of Retirement

Ulster County Legislator Rich Parete, a former wrestler, who coaches and is involved with wrestling leagues decided to come out of retirement after 20 years and enter a wrestling tournament. He did pretty good winning 2-3 contests, one going into triple overtime and Rich won by escape. His wife Colleen, said on facebook she was very proud.

Rumor is Rich will be facing off against fellow legislators Hansut, Ronk and Roberts in an upcoming County sponsored pay-per view event in a steel cage money on Parete.

I have pictures below (I think if you click the four squares below they should pop up..will work on fixing this when I figure it out.)

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Jeanette Provenzano said...

Rich won against some young college guys. Yeah Rich, great job.