Monday, June 13, 2011

Gillibrand Endorses Jonathan Sennett for Ulster County District Attorney

New York’s Senator Gillibrand highlighted Jon Sennett’s experience, strong work ethic and his dedication to public integrity. A former Bronx Assistant District Attorney, Sennett has extensive experience as a prosecutor, in criminal defense and in family court.   “I am very excited to support Jon Sennett for Ulster County District Attorney,” said Senator Gillibrand. “He brings a passionate commitment to the rule of law, public integrity and is focused on fighting crime at all levels."


Anonymous said...

He doesn't have a chance. Holley Carnwright(republican) has two good trials under his belt and now with the Matthews grand theft/fraud indictment a Democrat needs to stay away. All these cases of theft of government funds (Matthews, Safety Net, Academy Green Residence, and etc.) have been done under the watch of a democratic controlled government.Losers in every way. Our hard earned money down the tubes with little chance of recoupment. Time to flush the toilet.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that Gillibrand has going for her is that she is cute. Other than that she does what Schumer tells her to.

How about some stats from Sennett's experience as a prosecutor. Also include types of cases. I know two NYC prosecutors, they spend their days making plea deals. That is not what Ulster County needs, AT ALL!!!!

no horse in this race, but, said...

Yet another great reason to reject Sennett's candidacy.
She is an embarrassment to NY the way she kisses up to Schumer & Obama.
She used to have her own mind & truly represent her constituents,

now she just carries their water.

too bad I had high hopes for her.

Jonathan, I never had any hopes for. Wrong man for this important job.

Anonymous said...

If Carnright didn't get convictions after the great police work that gave him the evidence he needed, he should have been tossed out of office. All 3 of those cases could have been won by a high school mock trial team.

I have news for you, crimes are committed by criminals who probably could give a crap about who is in charge.

Anonymous said...

I always have to laugh at these photo ops. She doesn't know him from Adam. Okay, next.....stand here and smile.

just in...DA got another conviction and this one is on Rankin. Another nail in Sennett's coffin. At this point in time, he can't win.