Saturday, June 04, 2011

Primary Colors

The race for Kingston Mayor is about to kick in to high gear, there will be a primary between Shayne Gallo and freshman Alderman Hayes Clement in September. Shayne Gallo has already been endorsed by the Working Families party and the Independence party. Hayes Clement received the backing of the Democrats' unofficial designating convention last Monday. It's going to be a  long hot summer!

I think Hugh Reynolds said it best in his column this week, I don't have it in front of me but it was something along the lines that this primary is going to be a lot of work and Hayes Clement is not going to win it having little martini parties at his house. It's a street fight!

Reynolds is right. It is very clear that Hayes Clement is an out of touch elitist that practices the politics of political expediency. The first time Hayes voted in Kingston was in 2009, the same year he ran for the office of Ward nine Alderman, even though he claims to have lived here since 2005. I think he has an uphill battle winning against Democrat Shayne Gallo. While party bosses and insiders are with Hayes, the public and buzz is with Gallo. Shayne Gallo is a no nonsense type guy, a reformer and he will not tolerate the good ol' boy, politics as usual climate that exists, specifically with the current Kingston Common council ( with the exception of Bob Senor, Jen Fuentes and Charlie Landi). Insiders know that Gallo is someone they can't get to and they are terrified

A real text book lesson on the meaning of hypocrisy was given by our good friend Frank Dart last Tuesday at the city convention. Dart got up on behalf of Hayes Clement and pleaded that Democrats run a clean campaign. This coming from a guy that ran a smear campaign just two years ago that cost him his seat on the county legislature! However, it gets better, I am standing in the back of the room with Vincent Bradley Jr., while Frank Dart continues with his elegant (gag) speech : "Whatever happens we need to support whomever wins in September both Shayne and Hayes need to support the primary winner, WE DON'T WANT ANOTHER BRADLEY-SENNETT".

Not only is Vince standing in the back of the room while Frank is lecturing us and insulting Vince, (which no offence, I don't need to take advice from Frank Dart, ever!) but Dart was one of the most vocal people that supported Vince Bradley Jr., until the end. How do you spell hypocrite again? D-A-R-T!

The Independence party has officially endorsed Holly Carnright for Ulster County District Attorney. I am disappointed in their endorsement but I respect it, Jonathan Sennett will just have to work a little harder. Sennett has a lot of momentum right now and a passion and desire that wont be beaten. Sennett got a huge boost at the convention when Executive Mike Hein gave a really great nominating speech on his behalf. Minority Leader Jeanette Provanzano did an equally good job when she seconded Sennett's nomination.

While Mike Hein and Jonathan Sennett are in great shape, I am a little worried about Democrats' chances at taking back the County legislature. A lot like the Kingston city Democratic committee, some committee members on the county committee are also out of touch with the rank and file Democrats and they let their personal feelings get in the way of putting forward the most qualified and electable candidate in November.

Two examples:

Rich Parete, here is a guy that gets elected year after year. A legislator that works hard to always do the right thing for his constituents and one of the nicest guy you will ever meet. So, how does  Marbletown Democratic committee reward Parete? They find someone to primary him of course!. The background on that is, I hear Shannon Schreibman, the wife of County Chair Julian Schreibman recruited Parete's opponent to get back at him for a number of things, the Schreibman/Parete feud dates back to 2007 when Parete supported Bradley over Schreibman and Sennett for District Attorney. That is the past and some people just can't move on.

Hector Rodriguez the Minority whip of the County Legislature is also facing a primary after being edged out by a former New Paltz Village Board member at the convention. Hector is a friend of mine and a hard working legislator, like Rich, there is no reason to primary the guy. Why is he being primaried? Well, two reasons: one of his fellow legislators helped make it happen and also the New Paltz Chairwoman Corinne Nyquist is upset with him over his support and help in getting Mayor Jason West reelected in New Paltz. You see eight years ago Jason West became Mayor by defeating Mayor Tom Nyquist, Corinne's husband and the Nyquist's are still upset about it to this day.

My point is this: 1. Rich Parete, Hector Rodriguez and Shayne Gallo probably all will win their primaries, the committee's unofficial endorsement is based on inside baseball, not ones qualifications and that is a sad reality. 2. In regards to the county legislature, we now have Democrats fighting with one another instead of focusing our efforts on helping new Dems get elected so we can pick up seats.

 I will say this again our goal needs to be to defeat the Republicans, gain the majority, defeat Chairman Wadnola and his allies and elect Chairwoman Jeanette Provanzano. Furthermore, someone like Hector who usually would go out and help his fellow Democrats with their election/reelection, now can't because he is tied up in an unnecessary primary that he will ultimately win anyway. UNREAL!


Anonymous said...

At times I think you are an astute observer of the political scene both on the City and County level. At other times I think that you are carrying the political gray water for whomever buys you the bucket to carry it in.
Stop bashing people (like Frank Dart) because you may not agree with his politically allegiance and the fact that he is not supporting your candidate of the moment. Do continue to analyze (as you have done in most of this post) the ebb and flow of the political scene. Take a lesson from your mentor Hugh Reynolds and see how he is edgy in his comments but rarely denigrates and certainly does not have a personal or political agenda.
Great Caeser's Ghost

Anonymous said...

Jeremy What are either canidate going to do about the yardwaste and recycling problem in Kingston?

Schupps plan is a failure. Although Clement was not an Alderman when the council laid off 14 laborers he did vote to close the transfer station and lay off additional laborers. A move the Gallo opposed.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that the inept Schriebman's orchestrated another fiasco with the primaries. Remember what they did last time with the Independence party and Warwarsing? I also can not believe that there was not some sort of quid pro quo deal on the Hein - Carnright Independence endorsements.

I looked over the list of candidates and there are quite a few I never heard of. Just wondering how many of them were personally recruited by Schriebman, if any at all.

This will an uphill battle for the Dem's to take back control to say the least.

Anonymous said...

How can you respect the decision for indies to back Holley? That is hippocritical.

Anonymous said...

Blaber's stuff has been better than Reynolds for some time. Just sayin'.

Jeremy Blaber said...

1132, how can I not? What can I do? I am a Democrat not an independence member, I have no control. I respect their descion but don't get it twisted, I support Jonathan Sennett.

bd said...

wrone 5:57am,,, Reynolds certainly does have an agenda.
I have done an Organ Donor Awarness event for 4 years in a row @ the Ulster County Legislature, for Annual Organ Donor Awareness Month,( April )
I bring different Transplant recipients to the Legislature each time, 7 miracle transplant receivers so far have told their stories & Hugh Reynolds has been there EVERY time & has not published ONE word about this.
I dont care for me, I have received my Miracle, but what about the thousands upon thousands of others, waiting for an Organ Transplant. Maybe one of those folks reading his column would be a Donor & save a life ??

He wont print one word cause I am a republican Chairman who has had the nerve to criticise ol' Hughie & he has that grudge against me & most GOP'rs. If you cant see that in his writing, then you have blinders on.

Anonymous said...

I want to know who writes Dave Donaldson's material. According to the Kingston Times Donaldson had a great quote about Nick Woerner at the Democratic Convention.

“He’s a lying sack of shit,” said Donaldson, adding “he’s going to do to Kingston what he did to the Town of Ulster, run it into the ground.”

Your thoughts Mr. Blaber?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Hugh Reynolds suggested that Hayes will not win this street fight at Chardonnay garden parties. One of his best columns in years.

This will be a street fight, won door to door, rather than won by buying favors and promising jobs to secure votes. Street fights are fun, they are exciting and they lead to the strongest candidates for office. Street fights also usually lead to the most effective elective officials.

And please don't start with the "lets be nice" or "lets make sure this stays clean". We are well past that point.

Blocks of voters at the convention were bought and sold. Promises were made in exchange for support and many votes swung because the only candidate with a spine said no when asked to promise a job to a potential legislative candidate in an attempt to stop a primary challenge to one of our longstanding legislators who wanted a free ride.

All this with a prominent developer looming in the background trying to purchase his way back into favor so he can once again take the city for an expensive ride.

As said by Jeremy, it is going to be a long summer, but a fun summer. Get out the popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show . . .

Anonymous said...

8:36 - your post is enlightening, but please don't get out the popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show. Get out and work for Shayne Gallo.

Anonymous said...

Hugh Reynolds is a f#*king has been and should never be taken seriously. It seems Jeremy has the pulse of what is going on in the political fish bowl. Hughie the has been is all washed up and has been for years. When the freeman lets you go (which 20 thousand readers read daily) and you start writing for the Kingston Times (which maybe 5 or 6 people read) its time to hang it up!

Anonymous said...

the Indy's support of Carnright is because O'halloan sold out the people of Rochester. Bernardo's wife gets a free ride and serves another term without ever getting elected by the peple. Carnright will lose anyway whats he done? When will someone step in and allow the people of Rochester to vote? Jeremy ask Len if you can print this

Anonymous said...

Hugh Reynolds doesn't have the balls to print the truth behind the scenes. Then again, neither does any other local ahem, "journalist."

Anonymous said...

9:14 AM. It is obvious that you did not get a good nights sleep, or you are still hung over. If Bernardo gets a free ride, it will be because the Democrats did not nominate an oponent to run against her. So your theory is all screwed up. Why would the Dems give her a free ride because her husband endorsed Carnright. Can anyone else help 9:14 with this idiotic idea?

Anonymous said...

Why don't y'all stop whining about the democratic party and get with the program of voting in a republican. After what I have seen for the last decade or so..the democrats have managed to screw up. Does the city of Kingston look any better? are we in any better financial shape? How has that been workin' for you? From the comments I have been reading the democrats are in for a good fight. Maybe they will just eat their own or implode.
and to 8:17- I happen to read the Kingston Times MORE than the Daily Freeman. what an inane comment you have posted.

Anonymous said...

What does O'Halloran have to do with the Democrats not putting someone up in Rochester?

The Republican Convention is Thursday, if someone wants to step up - then step up or STFU. Holley got his endorsement fair and square.

Enough with the sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

In addition to the Democrats not fielding someone against Bernardo, they are also not fielding anyone against Gerentine, Felicello/Maio, Roberts, Ronk, Harris, Fabiano, and Aiello/Frey.

Likewise, the Republicans are not fielding anyone against Zimet, Rodriguez, Parete (Rob), Parete (Rich), Parete (John), Madsen/Donaldson, Loughren, Provenzano, and Gregorious.

Sometimes people are unopposed, I agree with 11:16, if someone wants to run against Bernardo, then run. The convention is at 7:30 at the Hillside. Anyone can be nominated from the floor.

Anonymous said...

10;54 than you are one of the 5 or 6 readers of the Kingston Times. LOL! Seriously, i too read the Kingston Times but what i mean is that Hugie the asshole Reynolds is a legend in his own mind, no one really pays attention to his column with any other thought than mildly amusing. He is always off the mark and he has his lips perpetually persed to kiss the ass of any politician that is a front runner and or will by him a drink!

Anonymous said...

Butch - Hugh Reynolds is an idiot!

Anonymous said...

You failed to mention that little Mrs. Schriebman also threatened to have the Rosendale Committee go after Rob Parete's endorsement if Rich ran for his seat. Who does this woman think she is? I hope and expect Parete will wipe the floor with her candidate. Clearly she has issues with Rich Parete and that is fine, but to threaten his brother's seat in a district she has nothing to do with in an effort to get Rich out of the race is classless. The Schriebman's time is up, they need to go. Julian loves to preach transparency yet his wife is behaving like an old time party boss. Not a good thing to have two complete hypocrits running the county party. I wonder if the Rosendale Committee realizes she runs them too.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the momentum Sennett fact there has been so little mention of him and this election, no one even knows he is running. Now Carnright has another murder one case starting that will be in the paper everyday for a week or more...ah the benefits of being an incumbant. I don't see how this election can work in your boys favor. He has no traction and no real hope of getting any.

Jeremy Blaber said...

I like Hugh Reynolds, and do consider him a mentor on some levels. I enjoy his column and conversation with him.

Anonymous said...

I too enjoy reading Hugh's column.One of the reasons I subscribe to Kingston Times along with reading Jesse Smith's articles.

Hey Blaber, go after Rep.Weiner. Lying weasel. In my opinion he broke every moral ethic issues of the human race and needs to resign. Possibly fall on his sword.

GOB club..Clinton, Spitzer, Sweeney,Woods,Schwatzneggar, Gingrich, etc.and the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

12:01 you might be a tad premature on some of those names, dude,,,

Zimet ?? Rodriguez ?? Madsen/Donaldson ???

hmmm,, I'd wait a while before saying that,,,