Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Senator Saland Taking Heat on Equality Vote

Senator Steve Saland, has a lot of guts, he was one of three or four Republicans to vote in favor of marriage equality and it will now cost him the Conservative party's endorsement. Micheal Long, the Chairman of the State Conservative party said that a marriage is between a man and a woman and we can longer endorse candidates that don't respect that tradition.

I'm sorry to inform Mr. Long that his party is going to soon be extinct with that attitude. I can't believe that we have a political party that openly promotes hate and bigotry in 2011. It's unreal. Kudos to Senator Steven Saland.


Anonymous said...

Conservative party does not promote hate and bigotry. EVERY party has their radicals. That is just a democrats view because they don't agree with the conservative party's platform. In the same breath you also have to condemn the Cathlic church (VATICAN) as they have publically said for years that they are against same sex marriage/abortions.So Democrats who are Catholic are in a quandery. People need to practice their religion freely without condemenation from any political group.

Anonymous said...

How is that promoting hate and bigotry? Does that make the Pope and the Catholic Church bigots and hateful as well? You and I may not agree with their positions, but you are going a bit far calling them bigots. That is why you lose credibility, just because they do not support gay marriage does not mean they hate gay people. This is why it is so easy sometimes to criticize the left. There is no need to attack someone as being a bigot or hateful for disagreeing with you, especially when their views are fundamentally founded in their faith. wrong or right in your view, they have a right to them.

Anonymous said...

Saland is a hero and a profile in courage. Let's not confuse a political party with a religion. The First Amendment gives religions the right to practice as they choose. In fact the Marriage Equality Law protects religious institutions should they choose not to honor same-sex marriages.

The Conservative Party can have any platform it chooses. The voting public can look at their platform and decide that they won't vote for anyone carrying their banner.

On many social issues, they are swimming against the tide of public opinion so Jeremy's opinion that they will continue to become less influential makes sense.