Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blaber comments on Kingston Police Officer Kevin Nace

As you all have heard Kingston Police officer Kevin Nace was suspended without pay for buying a substance he thought was cocaine, and that is what should happen. However their is also a chance that Officer Nace will be fired, I think this is wrong and over the top. Officer Nace is a decorated officer and just last week received an accommodation for his role in stopping a burglary. Officer Nace was buying what he thought was drugs for personal use and was off duty at the time. I think that Officer Nace should obviously receive help for his addiction and attend mandatory follow up services, such as NA. I also think he should be allowed to keep his job when he is clean and sober. Substance abuse is an addiction and a disease and should be treated as such. Police Chief Jerry Keller was quoted as saying if an officer fails a drug test their are last chance opportunities, such as getting treatment. He said that buying drugs was a different story then failing a drug test, I respectfully disagree. However someone acquires drugs they do so in an illegal manner, so their is no real difference. I do not serve on the police commission and am basing information solely on what I have read, and I will respect the decision of the police commission, the chief, and the Mayor, but I hope this officer can get the treatment he needs and continue to serve on the force, and do as good of a job as he has thus far.


Anonymous said...

mr nace is a frequent customer to the third base triangle tavern, and mariners harbor, which is fine, and legal. mr nace behavior in these establishments, is not one to be proud of after a few cocktails. i hope mr nace seeks the help that is needed to address his addiction. i am sure mr nace is a good cop, but a good cop leads by example. this is a big let down to the hard working clean officiers in the city of kingston, who are fighting crime, not starting crime. thank you chief keller for doing what is best for your department and all the residents of the city of kingston. kingston is trying to fight crime, thank you mayor. thank you to all the officiers who are dedicated to our city. the taxpayers do not not need to pay the bill for mr nace. send him packing. there are many clean people that want to and deserve to serve this city in a clean way. good luck mr nace

Scott said...

I could not disagree more. Perhaps you should check out my new site at:

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Yankee_James said...

I've known a few cops like Nace. They were eventually busted too.

Chief Keller did the right thing. Cocaine and drinking don't mix well with badges, guns and handcuffs.

A "dirty" cop makes the good cops look bad. There should be no "three strikes" when cops have control over other people's lives.

Personally, I don't believe cops get paid enough for putting their lives on the line every day...especially in "multi-cultural" cities like Kingston, Newburgh, etc..

Hopefully this guy gets his act together...but he should NEVER be allowed to wear a badge again.

I certainly know why guys like this go bad...but that's another story altogether.

Also...I'd like to see more non-Whites on the KPD.

Anonymous said...

How many people has this "good" cop arrested for buying/selling drugs? Did they all get a pass on their activities?
Send him where the rest of the drug buyers go!

Anonymous said...

Addiction is a part of our society. Police are just like the rest of us. A percentage of society have addiction problems, police probably at the same rate as the rest of us and like us they need help. If an officer is otherwise a good cop, and this is non-felony is the only realsitic charge, then treatment should be an option. If there are other times this has happened and a chance has already been given then the manner it was handled was proper. However, if other officers have been given chances then this one should too. When you refer to others obtaining the drugs in a different manner, well, there is no legal way to obtain them. Did they buy them, force people to give them or take them from evidence? Any way they are illegal. Treat this guy the same as others have been treated. In addition, look at all civil servants, and those who serve the public. If they need help get it now and don't wait for this kind of problem to emerge. What happened to the drug dealer? Was some special deal made? As far as a license check get real or in other words how many police officers have ever done this? If this officer dosen't want the help them so be it. There is no room for criminal behavior on any police force (this includes drunk driving).