Friday, February 16, 2007

Spitzer's appointments fyi

Here is a list of appointments Gov. Spitzer has made thus far. FYI

M. Patricia Smith, Commissioner, New York State Department of Labor
Karen Carpenter-Palumbo, Commissioner, Office of Alcoholism andSubstance Abuse Services
Patrick Hooker, Commissioner, Department of Agriculture and Markets
Robert Maccarone, Director, Probation and Correctional Alternatives
David Hansell, Commissioner, Office of Temporary Disability
Michael Burgess, Director, Office of the Aging
Mindy Bockstein, Chair and Executive Director, Consumer Protection Board
Lorraine Cortes-Vazquez, Secretary of State
Kumiki Gibson, Director, Division of Human Rights
David Swarts, Commissioner, Department of Motor Vehicles
Carol Ash, Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
Brian Fischer, Commissioner, Department of Correctional Services
Astrid Glynn, Commissioner, Department of Transportation
Denise O’Donnell, Commissioner, Department of Criminal Justice Services
Michael Hogan, Commissioner, Office of Mental Health
Gladys Carrion, Commissioner, Office of Children and Family Services
Alexander “Pete” Grannis, Commissioner, Department of EnvironmentalConservation
Diana Jones-Ritter, Commissioner, Office of Mental Retardation andDevelopmental Disabilities

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