Friday, February 23, 2007

Blaber's News Person of the week : Mayor James Sottile

Blaber New's person of the week is Kingston Mayor James Sottile, for his continuous commitment to Kingston and Kingstonians.

On a side note: Mayor Sottile meet with children at George Wahington school yesterday and answered questions about his job as Mayor, as well as other questions the kids asked about the city. A parent of one of the kids told me how proud his daughter was to meet the mayor and how much it meant to her. " It really is something, she was ecstatic, he (
Mayor Sottile) made her day."

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Scott said...

You really need to be more objective. Sottile is the person of the week because he talked to students? You can do better than that. How about Clint Brown as Person of the Week. He sttod up for his constituents on the crime issue rather well.