Monday, November 24, 2008


167 votes separate Elliott Auerbach from becoming Ulster County's first Comptroller. Good thoughts and optimism are desperately needed my friends!!

MONDAY 11.24.08

We started the day behind by 366

Today narrowed the gap as we continue to open up both absentee and affidavit ballots.


Here is what helped us today:

Town of Rochester +62

Town of Rosendale +47

Town of Shandaken +48

Remainder of City of Kingston +33

First 4 Districts in Saugerties +8

Here is what we have left:

321 Shawangunk

394 Woodstock

500 Saugerties

200+ Set aside and objected to ballots


Anonymous said...

What is left to count?

brian shapiro said...

What towns are left to be counted?

Jeremy Blaber said...

most of Saugerties, and all of Woodstock (we're counting on you Brian!) there are a few small towns as well. About 1250 ballots to be counted.

Anonymous said...

Shawangunk also has to be counted. It looks like Woodstock will hold the key to the election. Elliott seems to be gaining in each township. Aren't you counting on Don G. also?

Jeremy Blaber said...

I am counting on everybody and everything, my friend. GO AUERBACH!!

Anonymous said...

Don Wise wrote in Ismail Shabazz for Comptroller. At least it isn't a vote for Squigley in the town of Ulster!!!

CB Love Child

Anonymous said...

Had Don Wise run for Comptroller, he would have gotten the black vote for sure.

Anonymous said...

At noon on Tuesday JQ ahead by 153 thru district 11 in Saugerties,

JQ will lose big in Woodstock, but win in Marlboro and Shawagunk. A real dogfight.

Judege to rule on contested ballots - then a recanvas/recount.

Will DA prosecute double voters?