Sunday, November 09, 2008

Two Reasons Why Auerbach Should Win


Elliott Auerbach is looking better everyday at becoming Ulster County's first Comptroller and I am cautiously optimistic that he will pull it off.

First, Jim Quigley spent $17 per vote compared to the .76 per vote that Auerbach spent, the fact that this race is close tells you something.

Right now Quigley leads with 550 votes (Auerbach gained 28 during the re canvas) and the more than 4200 absentee ballots will begin to be counted next Wednesday. With a strong Democratic trend, Elliott looks to be in good shape, as long as Dems voted down the line and not just for President.

No matter what it will be close but keep in mind a few things :

1.) Most of the people voted by absentee weeks ago, before the huge Quigley media wave hit

2.) 2:1 more Dems requested absentees than Republicans

3.) Democrats targeted all absentee voters early on

But, who knows anything is possible and Quigley could very well win.


I ran into Mr.Quigley the morning after the election at a local establishment and I went to shake his hand and he said " stay the "f" away from me", Quigley just showed all the millions of dollars he has couldn't buy him class.

It's funny my relationship with Mr. Quigley had always been cordial up until that point and he even called me a few days before the election to tell me one of Elliott's big signs were knocked down and he gave me the location to fix it.

After I thanked him, I said to him, there are a lot of bad Dems and Republicans out there and people that get involved for the wrong reasons but whatever the result of this election I want you to know, Auerbach is one of the good ones. And, that's how it ended.

And, I meant that, the election has already been decided we will know the result soon enough but whatever the outcome Elliott Auerbach is a stand up guy that put his principals and integrity above everything else.

Elliott is the only candidate that ran countywide that never went negative, not once! Even when his opponent would put out a mailer full of lies and distortion, he would say, I'll let my Integrity guide me and I always respected that and it's something that Elliott taught me that stuck with me and I am proud of him for it.

Which is why I am confident that after every vote is counted the people of Ulster County will have spoken that they want a Comptroller with integrity and morals, and you can't walk into Ulster County and buy an election. After every vote is counted, my good friend Elliott Auerbach will be Ulster County's first Comptroller.


Anonymous said...

Quigley may have been negative but what do you call what Nick Woerner did for Auebach...are you trying to say that Auerbach told Wooerner not to do that...Woerner was closely involved in his campaign! Also, what did Quigley say that was not true? Everything I read was true...not flattering but true

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't already contemplated writing a letter to the editor about the exchange between you amd Quigley, I hope you do. That will give everyone a thumbnail sketch of the type of individual we might have as the new UC Comptroller. You are correct about money not bringing 'class' to someone and his true colors showed--having the 'green' and spreading it around doesn't stop someone from the 'red' side of the aisle from making a 'blue' remark to someone on the 'blue' side. Quigley is not the gracious type we need in office if he treated you with such indignity. I hope you returned the favor. Signed: Democrat all the way.

Anonymous said...

any news on the recount?

Anonymous said...

Elliott Auerbach had no knowlwdge and no involvment with Nick's ad.

Quigley ran a negative campaign that trued to say that Auerbach was part of the good ol' boys that brought us the that would be Mr.Quigley who spent thousands of dollars trying to reelect the people that caused the jail. Quigley is no good and a liar.

Anonymous said...

The recount starts tomorrow and I do not beleive it is open to the general public.

Anonymous said...

Actually the recount already happened. Tomorrow starts the count of the absent t ballots.

gerald said...

Always been cordial? Matching a whack a mole on your car, dollar for dollar? That's "cordial"?
Quigly had a couple of good flyers in the mail. Nothing on it said he was Republican: that's really all a person needs to know nowadays to vote Democratic.
I might make an exception for our mayor: Quick Chek on Albany Avenue? and now CVS on Washington? And he inherited the post from a man who gave us sculpture throughout Kingston and a restored city hall?
The city lost a fine mayor.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the count?

Anonymous said...

The TH-Record reports that Auerbach picked up a small number of votes, 20 to be exact in rock ribbed Republican Lloyd. That is very bad news for Quigley. Quigley won Lloyd by about 7-8 %. If he can not carry the paper ballots in a Republican town like Lloyd, what will happen in Kingston, N-P and Woodstock where Auerbach won, sometimes very big?

Anonymous said...

Keeping our fingers crossed. How many votes does Elliott have to make up?