Monday, November 24, 2008


First, I offer my early congrats on Hillary Clinton becoming our Secretary of State, it could not go to a better more qualified person. As you know I supported Hillary Clinton for President and I think she will be great as our top Diplomat.

Someone else I supported in early 2006 was a guy named Tom Suozzi who was running for Governor in a primary against Eliot Spitzer. I supported Tom early on and I switched to Spitzer because I met Governor Spitzer and he was clearly the guy for the job.

While I don't regret my support for the former Governor, I think NY would be in better shape in if in 06 we had elected Tom Suozzi, a guy that reformed Nassau County and has fought hard against corruption on every level and someone that has been a leader in fighting for property tax reform in this state.

We need a guy like Tom Suozzi fighting for us in the Senate, a voice that will not be silenced, a leader and someone that will be an advocate for NY, like Senator Clinton has been.

I hope that Governor Patterson sends Tom Suozzi to Washington, I don't think any of us will be disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

I would agree. Also if it means getting rid of an opponent for 2010....then Patterson should do this not only for his sake but to keep peace in the Democratic Party.