Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bob Porter Elected Dem Boss in Ulster

Former Kingston Alderman and Ulster resident Bob Porter was elected unanimously to serve as the new chair of the town of Ulster Democratic Committee. Mike Berardi, who was also nominated, declined to run saying that Bob Porter was a person that had the skills and ability to do the job effectively.

Mr. Porter's first order of business was to schedule a holiday party at the Reservoir Inn, to start fundraising for town board races that will take place next year.


Anonymous said...

So, Porter lives in Ulster now. First, he was a Kingston Republican, then a Kingston Democrat, now an Ulster Democrat.

Does this open Alderman for you if Reynolds runs for Legislator?

Anonymous said...

This was the guy who sued Wikman and kept him off the ballot, right?

Anonymous said...

Nickie Weornors boy. Same old same old.

Anonymous said...

all this good dirt with YOUR mayor and the scandals ie.... the Bs housing deal downtown and Cahill, the ladies at the DPW and the budget, yet you dont report of any of that?
Fear that he might treat you like Richters?
Why no stories about what a cruddy job YOUR mayor is doing?

Jeremy Blaber said...

First, I have never backed down from anyone on this blog. However, this blog is semi shut down...after the final county wide race is finalized the blog will go down for good. Which is why stories are not updated as frequently.

As for Sottile, I don't think he is doing a bad job, I am proud he is my Mayor and he has my full support.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear 8:33 AM Porters birth certificate was East Kingston, 1952.He was born there while his Dad was fighting in Korea.
Porter was married in East Kingston in 1975. It looks to me that this guy has put his community first where ever he has lived. And as far as beign a Democrat, thank goodness some people can see the light and repent of their ways. And how do I kno this? I'm his son, Jeremy.
Pittsburg, Pa

Anonymous said...

To Jeremy Porter,

That sounds great and I give you great respect for defending your father.

I can tell you though that he changed parties to get a job, not because of a change in beliefs.

Don't get me wrong. I know your Dad and like the guy. He was a scoutmaster for years and has always given to the community.