Thursday, November 06, 2008

A message from Elliott Auerbach

How great was it to lick the nectar of victory off of our lips as we celebrated Democratic successes both nationally and locally. The efforts by each and every one of you were remarkable and the HUGE turnout reflected that.

Let me share with you a brief update as to where we are with the Comptroller’s race so that you can pass this along to all who have a stake in our successes.

At the end of the evening I was trailing by 585 “unofficial” votes. Here is how things broke down:
As a Democrat I beat him by 4180 votes (33047 to 28867)
He gained that back + 10 on the Independence line by getting 4190
He then took 3564 on the Conservative line
I took 2989 on the Working Families line

Yesterday the Board of Elections began reviewing the tally (let’s call it a recount for lack of better words) to ensure that the numbers that were reported match the actual tally.

Once that is done and confirmed we may have a slight deviation to the spread.

After that, the fun begins.

To date, there are 4430 absentee ballots that have yet to be counted out of 6165. Ballots can come in as late as November 12th so there should be even more.

41% of those absentee ballot requests are from Dems (2512 out of 6165)
28% from NO PARTY (1705 of 6165)
26% are from Republicans (1604 of 6165)
3% from Independence (206 of 6165)
1.5% from Conservative
The remainder from WFP (11) Green (30) Libertarian (2)

The BOE will begin counting the absentee ballots on November 14th

IN ADDITION there are a number of people who voted by affidavit. I don’t have a handle on the exact amount but it could be close to 700

Any or all of these votes will be scrutinized by legal teams representing both candidates. This will be a long and arduous process that could take three weeks…..STAY TUNED!

The good news is we are in the race!!!!!!

Thanks for everything.



Anonymous said...

Do the math, Quigley loses.

Anonymous said...

You have the percentages for ALL ballots. What is the % of the ballots not yet counted?

Anonymous said...

Elliott is a class act. He has a good shot when absentee and provisional ballots are counted.

Anonymous said...

Squgglie lost yet?

I'd rather have Alan Hevesi as my Comptroller than Squigglie the Creep.


Anonymous said...

Is the count open to the public or just insiders?