Saturday, October 10, 2009

Guiliani Sells Out Ulster Republican Fundraiser

Let me tell you, Rudy Guilani is a phenomenal public speaker and a powerful inspirational individual. I had the privilege to meet him the other night and he was great.

Whether you agree with his policies or not, there is no question what he has done for NYC, making it one of the safest largest city's in the country and his leadership on 9/11 gave him the title as America's Mayor.

A fellow Democrat, and friend put it best when he said, Guliani is more of a New Yorker than he is a Republican.

His magic touched Ulster County on Thursday when over 400 people packed into Hillside Maner to support America's Mayor, pulling in tens of thousands of dollars for the GOP races this November. Mario Catalano pulled off a great event and deserves credit for it.

On a side note, Rudy Guiliani, who was on a tight schedule, stayed for over 30 minutes signing autographs and taking pictures which was more than enough. As he was leaving he whispered to his security detail, you know I missed a few tables, and walked back up the stairs into the second room and stayed another 15 minutes.... Rudy Guiliani is a stand up guy!


bd said...

Rabbi Hecht, of Chabad Ulster County & Agudas Achim, gave the invocational Blessing & was the funniest speaker there. His spirituality came through in a beautiful way & his prayer was tailor made for this Crowd.
Rabbi Hecht was married by Mayor Giuliani 10 yrs ago in City Hall ( Rabbi Hecht's Father is a powerful & influential Rabbi in Crown Heights - has a 10 - 15,000 vote bloc )
Before the GOP got Rudy, I, Michelle Tuchman ( Dem Party leader )Rabbi, & other Jewish Community leaders from Ulster, Dutchess & Albany Counties had a private meeting with AMerica's Mayor & we discussed issues we are concerned about.
Rudy was respectful, attentive & caring. A true friend to all communities EXCEPT Isalmo-Fascism.
He has a future in Politics,,, ya think ??

Bravo to Mario & Robin for a slam dunk event,,, Savago would never had done this so well,,

Anonymous said...

Is this guy Mother Theresa reincarnated or what?

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine how different America would be today had we wisely elected Mr. Guiliani President?
Government would be smaller to be sure, McCrystal would have his 40,000 surge to say the least, Israel would probably feel more secure and like President Reagan, I think Iran would think twice about enriching uranium.
No Appeaser, Mr Guiliani would stand up for American Values, not trash them! He would remind the international community of Americas contributions to individual freedom the world over not apologize for spending our blood & treasure keeping Europe free!
He would help raise the standard of living in the world up to that of America rather than lower our standard of living to that of Cambodia or Laos!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you on Rudy. Thank you for your fair commentary.

Anonymous said...

Did Rudy mention his good friend Bernie Kerik?

Anonymous said...


Please look into the Deborah Schneer Bashir Hameed case. Hameed is/was a CONVICTED cop killer who Schneer defended in a lawsuit against the state of NY. Sickening. PLEASE PLEASE help the public know this....

Anonymous said...

Guiliani is a biiiiiiiiiig nuthin. "America's Mayor" indeed! He let all the cleanup workers after 9-11 go without adequate protection to breathe in all the fumes and so did that so-called environmental protection fellow Republican Christine Todd Whitman. I got a clue as to what he's about just as soon as my career politician brother on Long Island took him as a friend--who only chooses political friends who are suitably piggish like he is. They could go to church together--that's all and it won't make either one of 'em any better and certainly hasn't all these years. Guiliani is a smiling elitist pig who fancies himself above everyone else and can't relate to anyone in the country himself outside NYC except whatever creeps of the elephant party went there. That's it. You can take it to the bank.
Politicians have helped destroy this country by caring only for themselves and Guiliani is no exception to that rule.
Mother Theresa indeed. "Mother McRee" is more like it!!