Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tune in to Radio Free Kingston, guest candidate for Supervisor Jim Quigley

Jonathan Sennett and Art Richter will welcome candiate for Ulster Supervisor Jim Quigley tomorrow on their show, Radio Free Kingstion. Make sure to tune in Sunday, 12:30-1:30pm on WKNY 1490 on your AM dial!


Anonymous said...

Great Job Jimmy, tell'n it like it is!

Allan Wikman said...

Woerner's No Quitter

"All roads lead to Rome" coyly declared the unquestionable supremacy of the caesars as an institution. When his time was up, his preference to the contrary, another took his place.
As did Rome's top echelon, voters in today's Town of Ulster have a similar dilemma. Is it Nicky Woerner's time to leave public administration?

Nicky is NOT a quitter. For his sake, we beseech Ulster's 8,000 or so registered voters to ease his torment:

vote Jim Quigley for Supervisor.

Allow Nicky to slip away in the night without having to quit.
No, Nicky's not a quitter. That's why he can't get himself to leave the office voluntarily, even though the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of new blood.

In 2007, by a wide margin, voters refused to approve Woerner's greedy request for a 4-year, Supervisory term. He took that as a personal defeat. He said to himself, "I'll show them." And, oh boy, has he!

He's obviously a superb student. He earned a degree in mortuary science and promptly ran Ulster into the ground.

He agreed to attend SUNY Albany in pursuit of a degree in public administration, but never registered.

Maybe that's because he had a guilty conscience for attending Hudson Valley Community College, full time, simultaneously as Ulster's Full-time Supervisor.

He's decimated the Town's fund balance.

He raised 2009 taxes 21 percent. He proposes another 4 percent for 2010.

But he won't debate his candidacy with his opponent, Quigley. And his proposed budget, only after the election. Transparency? Opacity!

The Lions Club threw him out supposedly because he didn't pay his dues.

As vice chair of the Kingston/Ulster Empire Zone, he missed eleven (11) out of twelve monthly meetings, as he did Ulster County Board of Supervisors'.

The Salvation Army has asked him, because of his absenteeism, to resign from its Board.

He's building a "Taj Mahal" white elephant of a "seniors' center," with $700,000- , some $300- per sq. foot.

But, he has failed to anticipate what many feel will be extravagant operating costs.

In his 2007 campaign he promised to focus on "economic development." He has not ONE example of success in that realm.

Give Nicky a break, folks. His behavior demonstrates he wants, desperately, to slip, silently, out of politics.

In a business where people are dying to use your services, there's biiiiig money to be made. Don't begrudge him that opportunity.

One GOOD point in his favor: Nick does not deserve ANY of the blame for the millions upon millions of Solar Consortium boondoggle money.

Nick never set a finger to yjsy one. That's all Hinchey's doing.

Pure, unadulterated socialism in the guise of corporate welfare.

Nick is an entrepreneur, a capitalist, in this bedrock, capitalist society. I commend him and wish him all good fortune in his future endeavors.

But, it's up to you, the Ulster voter. Some will liken it to euthanasia. Whatever you wish to call it, do it for Nicky, to say nothing for you and your neighboring tax payers.

Allan Wikman
845 + 802-0403

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