Tuesday, October 06, 2009


It's good to be Mario Catalano, what better for Mario than a united Republican party that is out raising Dem candidates 3:1? Well, leaders of the opposition (Dems) giving to the GOP as well!

Mario Catalano is schooling the freshman county chair Julian Schriebman and the absent chairman has no idea how to respond or handle it.

Mario is going to make a boat load of money tomorrow night at the Guliani dinner and probably get a lot of money from Dems too.

How can Julian Schriebman, the chairman of the party who attacked John Parete every step of the way for mismanagement of the party allow and appoint Democrats to positions of power in the party that give money to Democrats.

Democrats must recognize, It's not the quality of our candidates that has been lessened, it's the quality of our leadership. This is something that must be corrected.

NOTE; Yes, I am supporting Jim Quigley (along with 90% of the town of Ulster) but I do not serve in a position of power within the party.

Here is a list of some of the contributions we found, this does not include a lot of Dems that are on the list or even those that hid the contribution through their wife's name...this is just a list of Dems in high positions in the party.



Mayor James Sottile $190.00

Abel Garaghan $600

James Noble $190.00

Andrew Zweben $50

Eli Basch $740.00

and while he is not a Dem, Al Spada $5000.00...


Eli Basch $190.00

Lew Kirschner $190.00

for full disclosure there is another local attorney that serves on the executive committee, and he happens to be a friend of mine, I am not omitting him due to friendship but because it was his law firm NOT him, who gave money to the GOP candidates. This individual personally donated two thousand dollars to Debra Schneer.


Anonymous said...

...And YOU are supporting Quigley!!!

Go ahead and call the Kettle Black, Boy!!

ps. Lou Klein is supporting Williams ;)

Anonymous said...

These must be the smart Dem's looking to keep their political influence. The biggest problem with both the Town & the COunty, 'POLITICAL INFLUENCE FOR SALE'
No body wants to be left out in the cold!

Anonymous said...

the 3rd party republicrats...

one who knows said...

Be PROUD of these sensible exec members, JB,

your parties nominations have been hijacked by a radical wing or the Democratic Party that has only partisan politics in mind & NOT THE WELL BEING of the Taxpayers in UC.

Don Williams is truly head & shoulders above yr nominee - Schneer, she is not only unqualified to be a County Judge, she is opposed to every thing we need in a Judge. She is pro perp & that aint good for our safety,

let those lib lawyers defend em then when they are found guilty put em away forever.

As for Gilda,, nice girl, for a lawyer, but she has no clue how to run a complex office like the County Clerk's Office. Nina Postupack has 29 yrs experience & no matter what you think about her predessor, she is eminently qualified to be our County Clerk.

She has streamlined the DMV, previously a nightmare now a breeze,,
she finds ways to keep our tax $$$ here in UC for our betterment & not ALbany's.

KUDOS & BRAVO to those members of the Dem Exec Board,, they are far-seeing smart & correct choices they made & you should support them too !!!!

Anonymous said...

zweben to postupack. she is al's girl, big surprise. scum to scum.

Anonymous said...

So this is a surprise to anyone?
It is not just the money that they are giving. When that curtain closes, these same folks are not going to vote for Schneer or Gilda.
Forget what anyone says at the convention. In this town the old boy network supports their own.

Anonymous said...

3:31pm.... haha is that all you have? Scum to scum? Lame. You are a disgrace to Dem's in Ulster County and Bloggers everywhere !!

another one who knows said...

hey 3:31 pm

YOU are exactly the kind of idiot that got these two incompetants nominated.

Thank-you,, you make it so easy to win this election.

Nina & Don thank-you - ya big dummy,
Lead ( you cant ) Follow ( you are too stupid to do this, )
GET OUT OF THE WAY !! ( try this one, )

hahahahaha laffin all the way to Victory in November.

Anonymous said...

So where's the big news Blabber?

Dem State scanario... Corrupt Scumbag Wrangel forced out and the convince Low-ratings Paterson to step aside next year and run for Wrangel's congressional seat, thus clearing the way for your boy Oh-No Coumo to ascend to the throne of Gubbner!!!! This will happen, and when it does, remember your ole' boy Fred told ya so!

Freddy Dicker

Anonymous said...

So wheres the list?

Anonymous said...

OMG! There's a vast left-wing conspiracy in Ulster County? That's news to me.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with them supporting the republicans. Its there own fault they can not get anyone as good as Quigley to run for them, so they are just supporting the better person.

Anonymous said...

blaber you need to understand...bad candidates mean no fundraising. Do you think if Katz had won that joke of a convention he would be having these problems....he would have outraised Williams easily because he was a good candidate. And Riccardi..please...she went to Europe for three weeks in the middle of the summer and to be honest has not been working all that hard from outward appearances. This has nothing to do with old boy new boy...this is about the dems feeling a need to handicap themselves with their candidates when they should be winning these elections hands down. It is really getting embarrassing now.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you name ALL the names. I haven't seen one of the "Big Boys" in the Democratic Party leadership openly endorse Deborah or Gilda. To the contrary, guys we elect and praise at past testamonial dinners endorse Republicans.

Anonymous said...

coming tomorrow?? Wow...big OLD news. Why wait, type it tonight and send it out.

Anonymous said...

Oh! God No! not another Coumo, the State can't afford another one, the only things likely to rise beside property taxes should Coumo get elected is the Abortion Rate, the unemployment rate and the number of business vacating the State for 'greener pastures'.
Please not another Coumo.
As far as Charlie 'Wangle', this guy is raising our taxes (I think just to make up for his personal shortfall), and creating tax laws while he admits that he himself is confused about how much taxes he rally owes. Duh!
The truly amazing thing is the way his fellow Democrats keep defending him even in the face of public outrage from both sides of the aisle

Anonymous said...

So, where are the details?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if the Dems picked better candidates this wouldn't have happened? ;)


Anonymous said...

Blabber, did u steal Frankie's stupid lawn signs?

FESS UP, BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine if we put party loyalty aside for one election and actually elected the better candidate on qualifications and merit instead of party spin and back room deals and who's got the money?
We might just get the best public servant the ballot had to offer!
Ah! but that might put an end to influence peddlers, lobbyists and corruption, too much to ask of a small town, city & county. Ok, state and federal as well.
As a citizen, I don't need some party hack to tell me why their candidates are the best for us, when they really mean they are what's best for themselves!
Maybe just maybe the list of donors mentioned in the story are doing just that, casting their support for the better man or woman?
Is that too much to hope for?
OOOPS! I just took a second look at some of the names in JB's List, I was wrong, they are just Covering their collective asses and not putting all their eggs, ($'s), in one basket!
Whew! Reality Check complete!

Anonymous said...

We heard that Rosie O'Donnell gave 69 dollars to Judge Schneer. Can you verify this Blabber?

Anonymous said...

Heard Teetsel on the radio today he has not clue what is going on as an Alderman good thing he is getting out. Further he will be part of the 2010 budget process with no idea what to do.

Anonymous said...

Ignore 4:23 - an obvious homophobe.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

who the hell cares who Lou Klein is supporting. He looks after one person, himself. Left the Democrats a long time ago. Please

Anonymous said...

4:23--your an asshole

Anonymous said...

Hey Mario, great job last night, A real success, the Republican Party is on the move! By the way, Rudy is a really nice guy.

Anonymous said...

Nice try putting this on Schreibman, but he cannot "make" people give to his candidates. All you did was point out that the two Ulster Dem. candidates for countywide election are having clear problems with fundraising and therefore, support. This is because the Dems endorsed bad candidates. Obviously Schreibman did not do all the endorsing. In fact, if I remember correctly he supported another candidate for judge. So explain how he should be expected to get people to support a candidate that he indicated to his own committee he did not support himself.

Anonymous said...

manuela was at the dinner last night and she was bitching about now being allowed in the room with the real politicians.

maybe she should play hide the salami with someone other than that husband of hers

Anonymous said...

OMG 6:52
Could you be a bigger idiot, bigot, and moron all in the same moment? Let's see, you hate Italians, Catholics, Republicans, and what else, cute puppies too?

Anonymous said...

Come on Blab, you're not putting on posts that support Schriebman. We're watching!