Thursday, October 29, 2009

Schneer Blunder: Dylan Walsh No Show For County Court Yesterday

County Court Judge Debra Schneer allowed 6 time dwi offender Dylan Walsh to walk out with no bail and guess what...he didn't show up yesterday for court....this marks the end to the Schneer campaign. Williams breezes on Tuesday!

Opposition campaign supporters have begun criticizing County Court Judge Deborah Schneer for releasing a convicted felon while he awaits trial and indictment on two charges of driving while intoxicated.

The criticism stems from the case of Dylan T. Walsh, a 28-year-old Rosendale man with a long history of drinking and driving. Walsh has been convicted of DWI five times in New York since 2001, the Ulster County District Attorney's Office said. He has also been convicted of crimes in California.

Walsh was indicted here Aug. 13 on a sixth DWI charge. While he waited to be arraigned on that charge, police say Walsh got drunk Aug. 15 and crashed head-on into a vehicle on Route 209 in Wawarsing. The other driver suffered injuries that were not life-threatening. The accident resulted in Walsh's seventh DWI charge.

At his arraignment Aug. 25, prosecutors asked Schneer to set Walsh's bail at $100,000, but Schneer chose to suspend his license and release him without bail.

The move has become political fodder for supporters of Republican Donald Williams, who is running for the judgeship in November's election against Schneer, a Democrat. Local bloggers have labeled Schneer as an "advocate for defendants," and one member of Ulster's gang and narcotics task force decried Schneer's decision in a newspaper letter this week.

Schneer could not discuss details of the case, but noted that bail is based on a defendant's flight risk. "We don't lock people up in advance just because they're charged of a crime," she said. "The bail process focuses on risk of flight. I followed the law and made what might be considered a hard decision."

State law says that judges should consider the character, reputation, financial resources, length of residency, criminal history and weight of evidence against a defendant when measuring flight risk and setting bail.

Williams declined comment.

Meanwhile, Walsh was arrested again Wednesday for driving without a license. Police said Walsh drove James A. Burns, a state parolee, to a Kingston house that was under surveillance for drug activity. Walsh was given a ticket and released.

Assistant District Attorney John Tobin said he'll soon ask the court to send Walsh to jail without bail."


Anonymous said...

Another loss for the Democrats. You can't really blame Judge Schneer. This is who she is. Someone on the Democratic Committee needs to explain the choice of her as a candidate for County Court. We are all Judged by results in life, and this committee and this chairman are about to lose two county wide elections and potentially the Legislature in a County where they have almost a 10,000 vote advantage. Something in the Democratic Party leadership needs to change and needs to change quickly. They clearly have no idea how to win elections and they have proven it over and over again.

one who knows said...

We all knew she was unqualified -
another overly LIBERAL Dem judge -
they are the bane of our society & we all know it.

She should be horsewhipped for allowing this dirtbag scum out on our streets again !!!

DON WILLIAMS is our only hope to stem the tide of criminals, drunks, perverts & lowlifes overttaking our society with impunity.

Shame on the Dem leadership for screwing up this nomination & sticking us with this disgusting "woman" for a " judge".

GO DON GO !!! WIN !!

Anonymous said...

Go Judge Schneer!!!!

Just listening to conversational Don at a meeting puts me to sleep.
Judge Don would likely put the entire Judicial system in a coma.

You're a good man,Don. Please enjoy life in private practice.There's a time and place for every one and yours and mine have been. Unless we try a spot on dancing with the stars...smitty

Anonymous said...

So Don Williams is Batman?

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope and pray that Walsh is caught before he injures or kills someone innocent.

Heaven forbid if that happens but if it does I hope the victims family sue the shit out of Schneer.

This is something that could have been prevented.
Judge Schneer, what were you thinking?
Now we have a felon on the loose because of your incompetence and liberal ways.
Let's hope he doesn't kill anyone YOU love.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget Walsh's 2007 and 2008 arrests for drugs by URGENT. Check the Freeman archives and read about the 6 search warrants executed by Police in Walsh's case and large significant amount of drugs and cash seized in the investigation that spanned from AZ to IL to Ulster County. He is not just a DWI guy (6 times).

Anonymous said...

Somebody should call the state judical review board. Schneer is making illogical decisions as judge.

Anonymous said...

Once again, a barage of commentary from a slew of people who know NOTHING about the criminal justice system.

Just out of curiosity, who was the DA and the Judge when Dylan Walsh first made it through the system? DON WILLIAMS & J. Michael Bruhn. What, no blame for them?

Judge Schneer presided over a bail hearing; that is all. None of you would have any clue about this, but bail is not punitive. It is used to insure a defendant will return to Court. Judge Schneer did not lower the bail, she just kept it the same. Why no crucifixion for the local court judge?

Stop kidding yourselves about how the worls will come to an end if we don't elect Williams.

Don Williams can't even follow the rules for running a fair judicial campaign. He is running a negative advertisement on the radio right now. You expect he will follow the rules when he is a judge?

Anyone that needs to TELL YOU they are "fair and honest" must be otherwise.

Vote for JUDGE Schneer, and tell the Good Ol' Boys to pack up their shit and go home!

By the way Jeremy, you have some fucking nerve.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:22

Judge Schneer was asked to assign bail of 100,000. She assigned bail of zero. She said bail was about flight risk. She obviously misjudged the flight risk, showing terrible judgment.

Williams is not running a negative ad. He is running an ad pointing out the differences between him and Schneer. If she comes off as negative, that's her own fault.

Schneer has no experience and no qualifications. Never tried a criminal case as a judge or an attorney. She's a lightweight and doesn't belong on the bench.

Anonymous said...

Well the bail she gave out did not insure that he would return to court now did it?

Anonymous said...

Walsh was able to get lower members of his drug organization to "take" heavy charges for him (like James Burns the parolee with Walsh when he was arrested the other day) This is common in DTOs. Further, many of his cases are still pending (obviously). Maybe you need to learn more about the CJS.

Anonymous said...

Deb Schneer is doing an excellent job as defense attorney--from the judge's bench.

I heard Charles Manson is looking to move to Ulster County so Judge Schneer can hear his appeal.

Anonymous said...

You saw the newspaper articles about Judge Schneer. Ask yourself who was the DA and who was the Judge for the prior times the gentleman was in Court for a DWI. He was only in front of our judge for a bail hearing, not a trial or sentencing.

Why didn't the reporter ask those questions?????
Why don't YOU ask yourself those questions?????

Anonymous said...

$55,000 dumped into the schneer campaign...... right in the home stretch

PO BOX 246
ROSENDALE, NY 12472 $22,500.00

TAKOMA PARK, MD 20912 $30,000.00

KINGSTON, NY 12401 $2,500.00

Anonymous said...

With election time upon us, the Mid-Hudson Funeral Directors Association is proud to announce our 2009 endorsements....


Judge Deborah Schneer.

Hands down our choice, she's '6 feet below the competition' for keeping people like Dylan Walsh on the streets where he can help our business by keeping the morgues packed with fresh victoms!!

TOWN of ULSTER Supervisor...


It's our goal to put the final 'nail in the coffin' of the Woerner campaign so Nicky move on and join us as a funeral director. We understand the true reason for Nicky's support of new Ulster Senior's Center is to drum up new business opportunities by using the center for pre-planning.

Good luck to everyone, and remember...Everyone needs us eventually...

M. Orbid Graben
Mid-Hudson Funeral Directors Association

Copyright MMIX Poastmaster General

Anonymous said...


Schneer said herself that she was supposed to base bail on flight risk. When a guy is facing his 6th and 7th felony DWI convictions, what kind of idiot believes he doesn't pose a flight risk? All the prosecutor asked for was $100,000. Not a huge amount when going to a bail bondsman but it would have helped make sure the guy showed up.

Then she didn't want to issue a warrant when he went AWOL!

Schneer has no judgment. She has no experience. She has no guts to make the tough decisions. She spent her entire career kissing felons' butts and suing the people of this state, costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Schneer is the worst possible choice this county could have for judge. This is about her record for bad, bad decisions. The worst, most incompetent lawyer in this county would make better choices than the accidental judge appointed by an accidental governor.

Vote Don Williams!

Anonymous said...


Joe Bubel said...

Ah, I see you are back to censuring posts, for more than just bad language. You really need to remove the "fair and balanced" thing.

Anonymous said...

The new drink that's the rage at the Shamrock..

The "Dylan Walsh" made with 7 shots of Schneernoff Vodka.

Drinks on the house..that being 1818 Wall St.


Ted Danson