Monday, October 19, 2009

There are some e-mails that have come to light that are designed to attack my credibility and to humiliate me. I think it is best to tackle this directly. 1) About 6 or 7 months ago, I wrote an e-mail suggesting that I was going to use recreational marijuana. It's not something that I condone or am proud of, and not something that I am involved with any more. 2) Sometimes people say things they don't necessarily mean when they are upset . This is definitely one of those situations. Again, 6 or 7 months ago, in a private e-mail, I made some disparaging remarks about a good friend of mine Jon Sennett. This is not a reflection of my feelings for Jon, he is someone that I look up to and admire. 3) There are also a few gushy e-mails that I sent to a friend of mine that I like, certainly not inappropriate, but could be used for humiliating me. I do have a sensitive side :)

There also may be some rumors of a more personal nature: one having to do with accusations of abuse of prescription medication. Which is indeed true. After an injury, for a period of three years, I had a serious addiction to prescription pain killers. It is not something that I am proud of. Fortunately, I was able to address that issue, and I am now a healthier person.

Lastly, an issue that has been talked about very untruthfully on the blogs, which stems from a personal issue involving me and my mother. The truth of the matter is that there was a non-physical incident involving me and my mother that got out of hand. This was due to a series of poor decisions and reactions on my part, and I have accepted and taken full responsibility for the matter. While I am choosing not to go into further detail, the incident is public record. The incident that happened was well over a year ago, and I have since reconciled with my mother and family.



Anonymous said...


Hats off to you, my friend. This post shows how much more mature you have become over the past few years. Everyone makes mistakes, and its funny how many of the people that are trying to crucify you here are are part of that "everyone" as much as they would like to deny it.

You posted alot of personal stuff on here, none of which is anyones business. It is sad that so many Ulster Political Figures do not realize that, and would rather spend time harassing you then helping the residents of Ulster County. If they paid half as much attention to their jobs as they do to your blog, Ulster would be in a much better place. I commend you for being able to be man enough to do what you did, as none of them would.

I am very proud of you, and regardless of whatever differing views we may have on any given issue, my respect for you has skyrocketed.

As for those of you who have nothing better to do than to stir the sh*t and obsess over Blabers personal life, I pity you, why dont you try getting out more?

~Stef West

Anonymous said...

I had not heard of any of the issues you discussed in this post.

However, I found it very difficult to be sympathetic to your complaints of attempts to humiliate you and attack your credibility, when after reading this post, I scrolled down to see that you still have a post that attempts in a very dishonest way to link Ms. Postupack to the misdeeds of others.

Anonymous said...


We all make mistakes in our lives, but it is more important that we find ways to address our issues, and move forward in a positive way.

Don't be to tuff on yourself, but please remember we are not saints, and always remember your friends. I am sure it was very difficult for you to post your trying times of your life, but no one can crucify you for telling the truth.

I do not care for negative blogs (Little Dick Cahill) Lets make Blaber News a positive Blog.

I am sure cahill will find a way to post negative posting in response to your personal posting, but he is not very honest with his postings. Maybe cahill can learn from your personal set back.

Move forward in a positive way

Anonymous said...

well said Jeremy,

I still think you should take the Nina piece down.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you found your way. I assume this is why you turned your back on your real friends for others money. Just remember a real friend forgives it sometimes just takes awhile. Any addiction hurts the people around your family and friends and sometimes we choose the wrong friends and say and do the wrong things. Remember your real friends. Keep up the good work on transforming your life.

A real friend.

Anonymous said...

Mr Blaber

Standing up to rumors about yourself is respectable. It is unfortunate that you had to address these things. Do you understand why people have it out for? You have hurt a lot people.

A sensitive side- you have a sensitive side when it comes to your feelings but what about other's feelings? You have dragged a lot of people's name through the mud and allowed nasty things to be said about them. Try to allow your sensitive side to come out more often because now you know it feels.

Joe Bubel said...

While you are at it, apologizing, how about a word on the Nina entry? Crickets

one who knows things - said...

Glad you rescinded that private blog idea,, good move,, smart, too,

shows "maturity", bro,

BUT,, slandering Nina Postupack, who has done amazing work in the County Clerk's office, bringing it into the 21st century demeans your candidate by association with yr untrue accusations.

Man up, JB & take it down & apologise to Ms Postupack. She is the essence of a true Public Servant.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to you Jeremy, it seems you have come a long hard road over the past few years. I knew none of what you spoke of, and honestly, its none of anyone's business but yours. If people attacked you for any of those reasons, they are true scum as that is of a personal nature and if they have beef with you let it be because of some of the crap you post here and not because of your personal life. I agree with most here, it would be nice to see the Blaber's blog back to what it was before, opinions and NOT slander. You should remove the Nina post, as its over the top.

Anonymous said...

why should he have to remove a post. Like you said, its an opinion and not slander.

Anonymous said...

8:13 so you don't think thats slander? When something is SO FAR from the truth ??? WOW. Jeremy should attack the person that was in charge when that happened if he wanted to attack someone, but hes smart enough to not bark up that tree.

Anonymous said...

Nina is no saint.

Anonymous said...

A true public servant? One who learned from Al Spada and has her sister working for her? Time for a fresh, untainted, new approach to county government.

I am sick of all the cronyism--vote them all out.

Anonymous said...


The other guy said the blog should go back to being opinion instead of slander. Learn to read.


Dude, get a clue. Take that trash off the blog and apologize. Be a man. Nina had nothing to do with the bribe scandal. The bribe scandal had nothing to do with anyone dying.

Illegals are driving because liberals won't throw them the hell out of the country. You want blame someone? Blame Obama.

And stop trying to kiss the butts of the far out libs by attacking someone for something she had nothing to do with.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Blaber,
I do hope you realize the amount of people basking in the glory of all of this - all of those you have attacked or "approved" of their attacks on your blog. Familiar with the proverb "what goes around, comes around"? If not, let me help you:
What goes around, comes around:
1. The status eventually returns to its original value after completing some sort of cycle.
2. A person's actions, whether good or bad, will often have consequences for that person.

You're a young guy, it's not too late to change your ways but it must be something that YOU truly want to do. You could start by removing that outlandish article about Nina. (This is coming from someone that has no intention of voting for her.)

Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Now if only you do not wish to become the immature one twenty to thirty years from now or longer as some area pols have become, I suggest you read George Carlin's autobiography(available at Target) and lighten up a bit in general.