Saturday, January 02, 2010

A lot of Man Crushing Over Hein

What is with the GOP's obsession with Mike Hein? I mean it's almost embarrasing to watch, it's like certain Dems and Republicans have a middle school type crush on hiz honor. Jump off the guys back and let him do his job. In this past week he has been accused of killing a former political foe and the new legislature is about to launch into dozens of investigations on Hein's business dealings.

Give me a break it's just ridiculous and a note to the new legislature: if you really care about the people of Ulster County and want to make a difference work with Mike Hein not against him.

The GOP has a choice to make bust Mike's chops for the next two years and gridlock county government, accomplishing nothing. Or sit down with County Executive Hein and County Comptroller Auerbach and look for ways to make Ulster County the finest place ever to live, work and raise a family. Bottom line it's time for the GOP and Mike to leave politics at the door and man up for the people that put their trust in you this past November.


Anonymous said...

Hein's had the job for a year now. The democrats owned the legislature the whole time. He did nothing. The republicans aren't keeping him from doing his job. His own missing talent is.

Prediction: it doesn't matter who the republican candidate is next time. Hein loses big because he can't do the job.

Anonymous said...

JB, cannot agree with you more. Enough of this political game. The only business dealing I can think of is his wife renting apartments to social services. Why is that a conflict? I am sure she is not given any advantage, as she is a very reputable woman, and probably would not ask for any favors from the social services commissioner even though he serves at the please of Mike. And as far as them getting alon, I think Wadnola just has to get over the fact that Mike threw him under the bus before they even start. Thats just good hard nosed politics. And everyone, including Wadnols knows that Mike wanted Gerentine to be the Republican boss, and the Repubs. should think about that if they want to get along with him. Lets face it, Mike has all the power, and is not afraid to use it. Word on the 6th floor is that he set Fabiano straight, and Dean has been sulking about it ever since. The solution to this problem is easy. The legislators need to step aside, shut the hell up and let Mike run the gov.

hahahahaha said...

Ol' Mikey was kissing the ring yesterday @ Don Williams' swearing in ceremony -

hobnobbing with all the GOP'rs,,

Nina, Pete Savago, Mario, Quigley,
Fred Wadnola, Mike Kavanagh, Holley Carnright-
oh yeah, Elliott was there with Van Blarcum & the idiot undersherriff & his nasty sister, De Groodt,

but Mike was lookin nervous,,HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH

Don was eloquent & Judicial,, couldnt help but laugh at what it woulda looked like if the evil one - Schneer got in - prison inmates in chains, Hoffay & no one else,,, except Woodstock weirdos & a few lames from New Paltz,

Anonymous said...

tell them Jeremy, they are green with envy and can't argue on issues so they try charater assination.

Anonymous said...

Let's not be naive Jeremy. The Republicans, as with Obama, will be the party of NO. They smell blood in the water. They will go after Hein from the getgo. He has to focus on delivering services while maintaining fiscal responsibility. He needs to be more of a team player and political leader within a divided Democratic Party. With that approach he and Auerbach will be easy winners and the county will benefit. If not...

ucsentinel said...

Jeremy, I really think you've lost it this time, Hein has proven himself to be an incompetent no talent bum and if I'm not mistaken he started all the controversy by casting the 1st stone,
The incoming Chairman, FW is leagues above Hein in intellect and character. Although Hein has proven himself to be more of a character than actually having any.
Hein has had a year now to prove his worth, with no opposition he has succeeded in expanding the exec so much that voters are questioning their endorsing the charter form of government to begin with.
DYSFUNCTIONAL, is about the best definition of Hein's tenure and as far as EA is concerned this guy is nothing he campaigned as. If he couldn't hire ten or so assistants to explain teh generally accepted accounting principles mean as well as ethical policies and what an audit is and how to conduct one, he would never come to work!
GET A LIFE then go and get a 2 NEW CANDIDATES because these guys have no shot at re-election!
For that I am truly sorry, I think a DEM EXEC will be an asset to a REP Legislature and thus the county. We don;t need another year like last!