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Action needs to be taken to bring back the Democratic party back in power. There has been an effort launched to draft Brian Cahill to become chair of the Ulster County Democratic committee.

Democratic politics is in this guys blood and there is no one better to lead the party than outgoing Majority Leader Brian Cahill.

I personally feel under one term of Brian Cahill, we can take back the legislature and reelect our incumbent countywide officers that are up next year.

The time to act is now! Join our facebook group 1000 Strong for Cahill for Chair, and help encourage the Majority Leader to step up to the plate and lead our party back to the Majority again!. (note: if link does not work, just type in 1000 strong for Brian Cahill for Chair in your Facebook accounts search bar)


Anonymous said...

Poastmaster agrees. Cahill would be an improvement.

Progressive Democrat said...

A new UC Democratic Party Chairman is not the answer! County wide Democratic candidates need to continually build up their own base of support, and the best way to do this is from the ground up. Accessibility is important! Auerbach seems to learned this concept well. Van Blarcum on the other hand has not. Next election cycle will be interesting to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Cahill would be a great choice. Too bad he will never do it.

Anonymous said...

Cahill is a ground level politician. Schriebman is not and has no idea what that even means. I doubt he has ever gone door to door in his life.

Anonymous said...

Schneer could never beat Williams no matter who the democrat chair was. Same goes for Riccardi beating Postupack. With Hein acting like a dictator it's no wonder the legislature went to the republicans.

You want to blame someone, blame Mike Hein. He is the main reason the democrats are so unpopular this year.

Cahill lost because he didn't understand his own district. You want him to lead the democrats in the entire county?

The republicans will love that.

Don't look for one man to blame. Fix your entire house.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Hug a thug Schneer could never of beat Williams, no question but Jonathan Katz could of. It was Julian's fault she was put up, his first convention was a circus. R

Riccardi could of mopped the floor with Nina if the right leadership was running the party and giving her the tools she needed.

As for Cahill, Nicky Woerner cost Cahill the election. Quigley killed Woerner by more than 1300 votes and rode his ticket to 2:1 victories across the board except in District 5....Cahill only lost by about 180 votes or so, he did very well and if not for Quigley, Wadnola would not be a legislator, let alone the incoming Chairman.

Anonymous said...

For any one interested in the reason Democrats lost elections all over the County? Republicans got out their vote in most cases 58% to Democrats 45% to 47%. It's that simple. Check it out at the BOE. Now do you think Nina had anything to do with that??

Anonymous said...

Cahill knew his district, he told me he was in trouble in September. He knew exactly why too, Nick Woerner. He did the right thing by going door to door. The anti-Woerner sentiment was far too much for him to overcome. The Democrats in Ulster wanted nothing to do with Woerner and stayed home. That is what cost Cahill the election. If the Democrats came out Cahill would have had a chance.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens, we need to keep Brian involved. He is the type of person to build the party around. He has a great sense of humor but can be very tough when he needs to be.

Anonymous said...

Katz would have been tougher to beat. But Williams would have won anyway.

Woerner didn't help Cahill but the democrats were in much more trouble this year because of Hein. Cahill was going to lose no matter what because the democrats put a guy in as county exec who can't handle the job.

Julian's not the greatest chairman but nobody was going to turn this around this year. Just like no republican chairman could have turned things around last year with Obama pulling democrat votes.

Even Parete would have lost the legislature this year and he's the best the democrats are going to have for the next 20 years.

Anonymous said...

These Schriebman apologist are sickening. What has he done to try and improve the County party? The participation level is at an all time low. He has not recruited any new people and is totally inactive.

He should just resign and let someone else take over.

Anonymous said...

Cahill is not the answer. The guy just got crushed. It is easy to blame Woerner for that, but Cahill has to take some of the blame as well. He has to be part of the reason that the democrats in his district did not come out. The guy went door to door for a month and it didn't help. What makes you think the County wide Dems will listen to him if the ones in his own district didn't? he is not a good choice. Riccardi ran a lack luster campaign. She went away for a month in the middle of summer. She did not put the effort in to win. Schreibman did not help and neither did the bozos who talked her into running. But she was her own worst enemy. Maybe she could of used some of that vacation time to learn a little about how the office actually operates so she could of answered some specific questions. the democrats in the county wide races have to learn that spouting off in June about making changes is not the same as showing up with your check book in September and supporting your candidates financially. We were outspent and out manned in both Judge and Clerk races by at least two to one. That has to stop. The next chairman has to make it stop. Schreibman made it worse.

Anonymous said...

The democrat party is filled with dopes. None of them know how to win an election. They depend on enrollment numbers and don't know what to do when the nonenrolleds turn on them.


Anonymous said...

It is all very simple. It comes down to money. The democrat candidates did not put up enough of their own to compesate for the little that the party put up. These far left loons run their mouth night and day but they don't put their money where there mouth is. You can't run a party the way that you want to run government where everyone but you pays. It doesn't work until you can start taxing party members.

So the party has two chances, stop alienating the old timers from the party that still can raise money. And/or start putting up candidates that will garner support (financial & boots on the ground) from both sides and the non-enrolled voters.

Or just keep on looking for others to blame and see what happens.

-A Democrat that refused to vote for any dems except Cahill this year.

Anonymous said...

Both Schneer and Riccardi had little time to raise money. Both didn't begin their campaigns until July. Schneer wanted to run, Riccardi was begged to run by the leadership. Both Postupack and Williams had war chests plus name recognition. Both Democrats were very long shots and the lack of rank and file Democrats showing up sealed their fate.

The elected party leaders were very lackluster in support of these two candidates.

What is correct is that old time Democrats and newcomers have to come together. The lack of unity caused the defeat of Jon Sennett and Van Blarcum's endorsement of the Republican candidates was a disgrace. Even Kirschner who was given a testimonial dinner supported the Republicans. Changing the chair is not as important as changing the culture of a party that supports the oppositon.

Anonymous said...

Clint Brown put up big dollaz this year.



Up Yours said...

Congratulations Richard Cahill.

Anonymous said...

As the leadership goes, so goes the rank and file.

Anonymous said...

Democrats can keep talking about being the majority party but they aren't. They don't have 50%. Elections in ulster county are decided by the nonenrolleds, not by the democrats or republicans.

As long as the democrats rely on numbers to win, they're going to keep losing. As long as they listen to the city idiots who've moved up here, who know nothing about country life and who want to force their superliberal bullshit on us, they will lose. Those people need to either conform to those who have been here forever or go the hell back where they came from. They are parasites.

Woodstock and New Paltz are abnormal. If you think that hippy crap is going to take over ulster county, you have no idea wtf you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, 9:55, the Hippie Judge went down in flames.

The political compass of this county has always been a bit right of center.

Democrats like the Paretes, and Independent Voters understand this, while the current DEM chairman believes that Ulster County is somewhat like the Haight-Asbury. WRONG. Vous baiser, Julian!

Général de receveur des postes ;) Oui Oui

Anonymous said...

The voters don't pay attention once people get in. As elections roll around, the voters start painting the candidates from the same party with a broad brush and it doesn't matter one bit what the person did in office.

Enrollment does play a big part otherwise how do you explain people like do nothings Peter Loughran, Hector Rodriguez, Bob Aiello, Rich Gerentine and Frank Felicello getting reelected year after year?

Anonymous said...

Money had nothing to do with Schneer losing. She lost because she was unfit. She spent more on Radio advertising than Williams.

Anonymous said...

9:55 - how do you label the liberals from the city, who buy homes here, shop here, and pay taxes here, "parasites"? In what way are they parasitic?

Anonymous said...

Ya Ever wonder why Blabber always puts the people who he wants to win his stupid polls on TOP, and the people who he wants to do the poorest on the bottom?

Ya ever see this done on big media sites like, and then ya ever wonder why they make a big media story out of the result of that biased poll?

Take this case for example..

Sports Standings..

Dallas 8-3
Philly 7-4
Giants 6-5

The better team is always on the top of the list.

Take newspapers for example..

The biggest story is always on the top of the page.

So, we are on to you, Blabber.. We know what you are doing. You can't fool us anymore.

Andy Rooney

(c). MMIX Poastmaster General. No portion of this note may be reproduced without first consulting his buddy, Eliot Aeurbach or YOU might get investigated.

Anonymous said...

9:55 would have us believe we live in Hooterville. Everybody I know in Ulster County a) has indoor plumbing; b) isn't married to their cousin; and c) doesn't consider himself intellectually inferior to fellow New Yorkers living south of Marlboro.
I understand your redneck sensibility, but Ulster County is not the place for you.

Anonymous said...

and let's not forget how much our elected sheriff helped Riccardi? Maybe he will endorse the republican candidate for sheriff too!

Anonymous said...


When are you coming out with your Christmas know...with your glass-shattering rendition of all the old classics?

Anonymous said...

6:58 has not obviously visited the backwoods of the Town of Rochester.


Anonymous said...

Just call him Mike "ASSphalt" Hein

Arold Baker Callahan