Sunday, May 23, 2010

$500 To Whoever Challenges Schriebman!

Julian Schreibman is just a disaster, at the Democratic convention that takes place Monday evening he will be hosting a reception for AG candidate Eric Schniederman... I like Eric Schniderman and think he would make a fine Attorney General but he is not the candidate of the party at this time and it is inappropriate for Julian to have a reception for this guy without allowing Kathleen Rice, Eric Dinallo, Richard Broadsky and all the other candidate's running the same opportunity.

Furthermore, it's a slap in the face to Kevin Cahill and Maurice Hinchey who are supporting Richar Boradsky and our next Governor Andrew Cuomo who is supporting Kathleen Rice.

What is Schriebman thinking????

The simple answer is he is not. Julian has no clue what he is doing or how to run the party. If Julian is reelected in September he will be the top Democrat in 2011 when our Executive Mike Hein is up, when we have the opportunity to take back the office of District Attorney, numerous local elections including Mayor of the City of Kingston and an opportunity to take back the Ulster County legislature, which we lost under his watch.

We as Democrats simply can not afford Julian Schriebman to be Chair during these important elections, we need new fresh leadership from someone that actually knows what they are doing or we will continue to lose elections.

I personally today am offering to donate $500.00 to a serious Democrat that steps up to the plate and challenges Julian Schriebman.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy, the chairman doesn't contact the candidates; the candidates contact the chairman. What should Schreibman have said when Schneiderman contacted him and asked to come to the annual convention? "I'm sorry, but our assemblyman and congressman are supporting someone else. I can't let the committee members meet the other candidates and make an independent decision. Our elected officials know more than the rest of the committee, and they call the shots. We will support whomever they tell us." Isn't that what happened with Bradley? Didn't Dinallo and Brodsky already come to Kingston and meet with the committee members?

Anonymous said...

Blaber he is not "having" a reception for him. He is letting him have one. Dinallo hosted on at the Executive Committee meeting a few weeks ago. The point here is that he sould have offered this opertunity to all of the AG candidates not just his pick. As for the $ 500.00 for a candidate for Chair, I am sure there are a few people that will do it for free. What's up with your boy Nickie is he running for Chair???

Anonymous said...

What garbage. Mr Dinallo had a reception and met with the Executive Board. Mr. Brodsky spoke to the Executive Board. Mr. Coffey spoke at the brunch.

All Mr. Schriebman is trying to do is have as many active Democrats meet all the perspective candidates.

You've had it in for him from the beginning. Have the courage to post this.

Anonymous said...

Brodsky is a whore & a bully - no way any sane person can support him FEH !!!

Anonymous said...

Since you profess to know so much about how things should be done, why don't you put the $500 back in your wallet and run against Julian?

Jeremy Blaber said...

857 I could easily do a better job than Julian as Chairman no question about it. I, like Julian, work in NYC and do not have the time to do the addition to not having the time Julian does not know what he's doing. Julian needs to step away before Dems lose everything.